Picnics are a fun way to spend time, share different delicacies among your family, peers or friends and pack back tons of memories. They can be as simple as laying a blanket, bring some amazing easy to handle recipes and take outside and enjoy sitting in the lap of nature.


The breezy weather, fun games and a sight seeing view adds to the beauty. But what if we tell you, we have whole range of healthy picnic ideas that will help to escape you from guilt after having loads of your favorite food?

Let’s pack a “vegan picnic basket” stuffed with burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, some cheesy delights and more..!

  1. Vegan Pizza : Pizzas can never go wrong and everyone loves them Then why not for your next picnic?  This vegan recipe replacing all ingredients of guilt is a a fool proof option to try. Make, bake and cut into slices to share for the portable treat..! Have a look and enjoy..!
  2. Coronation Chickpea Sandwich : Sandwiches are like rituals for picnics, small dates or Sunday brunch. Wholesome and stuffed with taste as you like. This vegan recipe is special as it replaces bacon with shiitake mushroom and that makes it cruelty-free and nutritious.
    Get your hands on this flavorful recipe on the link.
  1. Kathi roll by PlantMade Anda: Perfectly go well for picnics, brunch, office dibber parties, and ceremonies, rolls are a full-flavored dish for everyone. Relished by all whether omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and VEGANS. A great plus plus, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, as well as nut-free! You can check the recipe on our YouTube channel by clicking on the link
    Get your hands on the star, PlantMade Anda and try rolls with enhanced and better taste..!


4. Peanut cookies : Dry foods are the best as you can always make them in bulk and store for long.. Cookies are such comfort foods that won’t melt or spoil readily. Share sweetness and pour the tea to enjoy these amazing peanut cookies. PlantMade has come with up with gluten-free and guilt-free tasty peanut butter. Our crunchy peanut butter range makes the cookies irresistibly tasty and delicious. 

You cannot resist these soft and crunchy cookies and the best part is these can very go well with kids and adults alike.
peanut cookiesSalted_Peanut_Butter_with_Jag_Crunchy_1_600x600_893c0ba3-b2bd-4a74-a9c7-ea3e9dad0109_370x

  1. Vegan Mac n Cheese Pasta : Super delicious, healthy and quick to make, our vegan Mac n Cheese Pasta. It is the apt accompaniment at any picnic. To save a lot of your time, pack a batch a night before and reheat the next day..
    This vegan style pasta is a perfect remake of the classic one but more taste and packed with flavor. It is mayo free yet creamy, and made with whole foods!
    Check out this recipe here by our Chief of Innovation..
  2. Herbed White Bean Picnic Salad : With no speck of doubt, no picnic is ever done right without a refreshing and tasty salad, right? But you know what makes it more special, it just takes 15 minutes, so it won’t let you spend hours in the kitchen.
    This is one of my favorite summer salads! Pro tip:  Serve with flat breads for your grand picnic feasts..! Click on the link and do not wait to try this recipe..!
  3. Vegan French Toast : Delicious French toast minus fat and cruelty. Yes, you heard it right.. PlantMade Vegan Anda is a miracle product that could add the cheese and creaminess in your French toast. Don’t forget to top it up with your favorite veggies and enjoy this cool recipe. Get your hands on the steps here.
    french toastvegan Anda
  1. Soya Keema Tacos : This Mexican snack is not just eye catchy but mouth watering at the same time. Soya is one of the best protein source for vegans and vegetarians, so this already makes up magic stuffed with nutrition.
    You can just pack health and happiness without guilt with this vegan recipe by PlantMade.
  2. Vegan Burgers : Well, since there are innumerable finger licking options for vegans, burgers are one of the best choice to go to for picnics. A healthier option than the ones stuffed meat patties.. Check out the recipe of this vegan burger to lay your hands on scrumptious bites.. 
  1. Queen's Favorite Brownie Using Plantmade Vegan Egg: Who said you cannot have soft and sweet desserts without eggs? PlantMade’s Vegan Anda has made it possible to relish on your favorite brownies and share sweetness among your peers on a picnic..! Check out this recipe here. Brownie points for not worrying about weight gain and worry about the conventional loads of butter and eggs after trying this recipe.


Tips for no glitch at your picnic:

Since foods are susceptible to be contaminated by microbes, we have the following DOs

  • It is always better to keep the food cool either via cooler or some other temperature controlled tiffin boxes.
  • Since the food is kept out in the open, it is most likely to attract the buzzing bees, try to take covers, nets or plastic wraps with you.
  • To avoid cross contamination of mixing different kind of foods, keep ice for food and ice for beverages separately.