When it comes to munching and relishing on snacks, our first thought is cookies. Cookies are acceptable in any shape or form irrespective of the ingredients it is made of because of the amazing flavor and taste it contains. But when it comes to someone who is a vegan and follows veganism, the process of binge eating the cookies is a little different. They need to be sure of the ingredients which the cookies are made of so that they don’t end up consuming anything dairy which is against their ethics and diet. Vegan cookies are the savior in such cases.

Veganism allows people to have their time relishing their favorite desserts which are made out of vegan substitutes. There are a lot of healthy alternatives when it comes to cookies as well. As everyone’s favorite, cookies are something you can eat in the middle of the day or night when you are craving something sweet or you can enjoy the delicious chocolaty cookies with your favorite shake or drinks. Cookies with vegan and healthy ingredients are a great way of staying full and satisfied for a long time. If you are someone who eats gluten-free, these cookies are good for you as well.

Since vegan cookies are dairy-free, it means there hasn’t been the use of butter at all. This makes your cookie ten times healthier and less in fat. You can eat your vegan cookie without worrying about calories even once. Some cookies are made out of eggs and this is one thing that you cannot add to your vegan diet. There are a lot of alternatives for eggs that you as a vegan can use in your cookie and make it healthy. Some of the healthier ingredients which you can include in your cookie are:


Almonds are a great source of nutrients and the powerhouse of vitamins. Almond powder could be used as your flour in the cookie and the numerous health benefits alongside the incredible and fresh taste of almond is everything you can hope for. In normal cookies, butter and other cholesterol-rich products can cause a severe heart whereas almond powder server the purpose of keeping your cholesterol levels maintained and your heart healthy and strong at all times. It is low in glycemic index which will ensure that your sugar levels are low to moderate and your diabetes is in check.



Known to be incredibly rich in fiber and other nutrients, dates are the best ingredient you can put in your cookie. Most of the nutritionists also recommend dates to be eaten as it is and if you end up including them in your cookies, you can enjoy them. Dates tend to have a lot of antioxidants which will keep your body healthy and help you when you are falling sick. Dates also manage to keep your calorie count high and going thus you feel full while consuming the cookie.




If you are looking for having a natural sweetener to your cookie, bananas will come to the rescue. Extremely high in potassium, when you mix the banana with peanut butter or any other spread which you want in your cookie, you will automatically have a sweetener that is healthy and tastes fresh and amazing. Bananas will ensure that the nutrient count in your body is always top-notch and since the taste is so vivid, this cookie with bananas in it will be a show-stealer.




A healthy and filling ingredient, oats are extremely rich in antioxidants which will keep your cookie a healthy and satisfying alternative. You can include oats in your vegan cookie recipe in whichever form you want. Oats are also rich in fiber and thus when you include this ingredient in your vegan cookies, you will get a nutritious yet extremely delicious snack to binge on.




The organic peanut butter from Plantmade is a 100% vegan alternative to your regular peanut butter. The crunchy and delicious taste just adds to the wonderful flavor it has. This peanut butter is made out of roasted peanuts which give the rich taste that will make your cookie taste 10 times delicious. With 0 trans-fat and cholesterol, this peanut butter is your savior.