Travelling is all about exploring new places and taking a break from your daily activities, We understand the value of healthy travel snacks, which is why we've created a list of nutritious and tasty travel snacks that you can simply pack in your luggage and consume whenever you want.


Look over the list and choose your favourites.


1.   Popcorn


When travelling, popcorn is an excellent food option.

If you're on a road trip, a handful of this delicious popcorn will allow you to focus on driving without causing a fuss.

As a result, they are the finest food for road transport.


2.   Poha

Poha is an excellent probiotic since it goes through fermentation during preparation and keeps its microbial flora, which is beneficial to gut health.


3.   Any Fruit    


Fresh fruit is one of the easiest healthy travel snacks to grab and go. When choosing fruit, choose a portable kind that won't be crushed in your carry-on; apples and bananas are usually the best options. You may get these before you leave the house by getting them from home.


4.   Dark Chocolate

A small amount of dark chocolate may go a long way toward satisfying a sweet craving, particularly on a lengthy journey. For optimal nutritional advantages, skip the milk chocolate and go for dark chocolate that is at least 80% cacao.


5.   Greek Yogurt

One of the best things you can consume when travelling is yogurt. In a word, probiotics are a sort of gut bacteria that helps with digestion while travelling and eating new foods. Greek yogurt has a lot of protein and calcium, as well as probiotics.


6.   Roasted Channa’s

Plant protein is rich in roasted Channa’s, making you feel filled for longer. For lengthy flights or road journeys, they're great. They're crispy and delicious, and you can season them to taste. They're small enough to fit in a zip-top bag and take on the road with you.


7.   Makhana


Makhana is high in antioxidants and includes a number of amino acids that may have anti-aging benefits, such as promoting skin suppleness and health.