The Plantmade vegetarian Anda was one-of-a-kind products which was launched by Plantmade and received an exceptionally positive response. Plantmade has come with a new product called the Plantmade’s non-dairy creamer which is another creation in the vegan playground and is 100% dairy free and vegan. The Plantmade’s non-dairy creamer is a vegan, non-GMO, healthy, and organic alternative to your dairy products. With its interesting and versatile use and properties, it has been nothing short of a life-changing experience for a lot of vegans who trust Plantmade products and use them in their daily diet.


The Plantmade Non-dairy creamer is a lactose-free solution that is a great alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or want to start a vegan diet without missing out on creamy dishes which can be recreated using this creamer. Made out of vegetable fat-based alternatives and soy, this creamer replicates the same creamy texture and taste of your regular dairy creamer and is safe and healthy to use. You can use it to make delicious pasta sauce, gravies, and a lot of other dishes which require creamer as one of their major ingredients. 


The vegan diet doesn’t allow the consumption of dairy and thus the Plantmade non-dairy creamer has been a boon.



One of the easiest ingredients to use which is also quite convenient, the Plantmade non-dairy creamer doesn’t require reading tons of instructions and watching numerous videos to have proper usage of the product.


The proper method of using the creamer is the same as your regular dairy creamer. You have to use the Plantmade non-dairy creamer in a 1:1 ratio with your other products and that would be enough to give you the same creamy texture and flavor.


The only difference between the Plantmade non-dairy creamer and your regular dairy creamer is that you cannot whip this like the whipped cream. Apart from that, it is perfect for every type of cooking or baking dish like tofu, pasta, gravies, tea, coffee, and a lot more. 

You can store the Plantmade non-dairy creamer quite easily at an ambient temperature and this isn’t a product that gets spoiled easily. Thus, the solid 9-month shelf life of the Plantmade non-dairy creamer makes it a sustainable and healthy alternative.


Although products made out of plant-based alternatives aren’t always the easiest to make, the Plantmade non-dairy creamer is just the opposite of that.




  1. Since the Plantmade non-dairy creamer is 100% vegan and doesn’t even contain milk protein or any dairy-based solids, it is perfect for people who follow the vegan diet and also for people who are lactose intolerant.
  2. Being free from any kind of artificial colours and preservatives, the Plantmade non-dairy creamer will be your go-to ingredient in every dish ranging from breakfast to dinner.
  3. The major reason why you should opt for the Plantmade non-dairy creamer is that it can be used as a milk alternative and since milk is an essential part of the diet, you won’t have to miss out on that ever.
  4. The creamer is a versatile creation because you can use it for both hot as well as cold beverages. This makes it the perfect replacement.
  5. The Plantmade non-dairy creamer doesn’t contain any cholesterol or lactose and is thus a nutritionally superior choice of product to choose and use.