Being a vegan food company ourselves, we love to see more companies driven by the same vision creating amazing products. Don’t we feel competitive? Naa!! There is enough place for each brand to make its own space in the market. Also, we can only rise by lifting others. This week in our weekly news blog, we are excited to share the journey of Piperleaf. Piperleaf is a Gurugram based vegan food company that has launched India’s first Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars.

Piperleaf: Brief Introduction

Piperleaf was founded in 2020 started with an idea to veganize food and beverage products. Being on a plant-based lifestyle the founders missed out on a lot of food products like dairy based milk chocolates, cheese, yoghurt etc. This is they decided to start their own vegan food venture to produce some delicious vegan products and dairy alternatives.

Piperleaf kicked off their journey by launching their first product, vegan milk chocolate bars. There are many vegan dark chocolates in the market but this is the first vegan milk chocolate of India.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars By Piperleaf

The plant based chocolates by Piperleaf features Vegan Mylk Chocolate bars in three flavours: Mixed Seeds, Fruit & Nut, and Classic. Their chocolates are made up of unrefined raw sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnut paste, cocoa mass, cashew nut paste, and natural cocoa powder and a pinch of love.

They have two dark chocolate flavours as well. Their products are gluten-free, additives free, and preservatives free. Basically, vegan, healthy and delicious.