The vegan movement across the globe is creating awareness of the harmful implications of animal-based food on our health and the planet. Due to this people are increasingly looking for plant based alternatives of the different meats, eggs and kinds of milk. Seitan pronunciation is "say-tan". But what is seitan? What exactly is it made of and what it does? Seitan Meaning? Is it Satan? Well no!!

Seitan Meaning & Introduction

Seitan is a vegan meat replacer made from gluten, the main protein of wheat, giving it a name – vital wheat gluten. It was used in the sixth century as an ingredient in Chinese noodles. Referring to as "wheat gluten" initially, George Ohsawa, from Japan, in 1962 changed it to "seitan".

Restaurants in the east and southeast Asian nations serve Seitan to its vegetarian Buddhists. Next time, someone asks you about the ingredients in your mock meat and they wonder seitan? Seitan meaning, what? Then you can tell them this little history lesson as well.

You can use it for different mock meats like vegan seitan duck, or vegan seitan chicken recipes. Seitan is a highly versatile and delicious plant-based meat replacer. Wondering where to buy seitan? Well, why to buy it when you can easily make it at home? But if you still insist then you can order seitan online through this Flipkart link.

Now let's learn how to make seitan at home.

How was Seitan Protein Made Earlier?

It was traditionally made by washing wheat flour dough with water till the starch granules have dissolved.

This leaves a sticky insoluble gluten elastic mass which we cook before consuming and the best part is it doubles in size after cooking. I always prefer homemade seitan due to its affordability, amazing taste and quality control.

Easy peasy work!

Making seitan at home is really easy like moving to the beats of music with just simple steps.

Saving money in the right spot and ingredient while having your superhero moment with the planet. And making package-free seitan will definitely give you the confidence to try this almost with more recipes.

How to Make Seitan?

  • Add whole wheat flour to a bowl and stir until well combined
  • Then add water and mix. ( We don’t necessarily need to knead the dough since it's not gonna be of much help and as long as all the ingredients are well combined is perfectly fine. )
  • Place the mixed dough ball of seitan in a bowl and cover with a damp kitchen towel
  • Let it rest for 10-20 minutes
  • Now add some stock in a large pot or you can go completely Asian with kombu or soy just to give your seitan that marinated extra kick and bring to a boil
  • Then add the seitan and simmer partially cooking it covered for a complete hour. Make sure you have enough stock in there
  • Remove from the heat and allow it to cool a bit

Seitan Recipe: Plantmade Chef tips

  1. Just use a regular cup or mug and add the same volume of vital wheat gluten and water
  2. To improve your seitan you can always let your imagination spread wide and use any bean flour or even chickpeas
  3. If soy or sodium is not your thing then just go crazy with your already stocked pantry and tell us how it came out!
  4. Do use a large pot according to your weight of seitan as it tends to double in size with cooking.
  5. Always try to make balls out of your dough. A little attention to aesthetics never hurts so roll it into a sausage cut it moulds it slice it mince it grind it!

Seitan Nutrition: Is Seitan Healthy?

Well, Seitan is rich in protein, gluten and minerals. It is low in carbs and fat. It’s healthy and a delicious source of plant-based protein to include in your meals. But people allergic to gluten should avoid it. Take a look at the image below for Seitan nutrition data.

Is Seitan Healthy?


Have a Question About the Versatility of Seitan?

So you are wondering now what to do with this beautiful seitan and ways to cook it.

Yes I know I told you that the texture and flavour are similar to meat but what about cooking it like one?

Let me tell you that it is as versatile as you can imagine. Sauté it, boil it, steam it, roast it or grill it why not skewer it. Oh, wait did I mention air frying, yes you can air fry your seitan.

Go crazy and tell us about your experience we might even recreate your recipeand share it with the rest of the planet giving you the true experience of your superhero moment.