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There are a plethora of recipes you can try out if you have shifted to veganism and you want to spice up your baking game. While the process to bake things remain the same, there are some amazing alternatives which you can use to level up your baking skills and these tips will ensure you dont stray away from your path of veganism.

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While a plant-based diet seem to be a healthier and better alternative, one major problem which it posed was the availability of the right amount of nutrients. No more. With these protein alternatives, you can be sure that whatever you are conusming will be rich in nutrients and you dont need any kind of animal based product to get those.

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Vegan Vs Vegetarian!

Ever wondered what vegans and vegetarians are? Veganism and vegetarianism are becoming increasingly fashionable. However, some people may be perplexed by the contrasts between these two diets, especially since vegetarianism comes in many forms..   We'll look at the similarities and distinctions between veganism and vegetarianism in this article. We also go over the advantages of each diet, which is healthier, which is better for weight reduction, as well as the hazards and considerations.   What are the core differences between the two? Vegans do not consume animal products, whereas vegetarians do not consume animal products but may consume animal products (such as dairy and eggs). People select these diets for a variety of reasons, including health considerations, religious limitations, and...

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Food Chemistry and Human Nutrition

The chemistry was not really my favourite subject at school.  But when you attach food to anything it just becomes exciting and important. Food is a necessity since time immemorial and today, it becomes the utmost priority to safeguard food and reduce its wastage. This is where food chemistry topics and impact factor comes into the picture. In countries like India, food is available in abundance, much of it is processed and the use of chemical additives is common. In this scenario, much concern is related to cost, quality, variety, convenience and the effects of processing and added chemicals on wholesomeness and nutritive value. Food chemistry is a discipline of food science which deals with the composition and all the properties of...

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