Transitioning to a plant-based diet from an omnivorous diet is something that might seem to be an easy option because of the innumerable reasons related to why it’s a better choice. But, to get the essential nutrients like vitamin B-12, proteins, calcium, and iron, finding the right vegetarian and plant-based alternatives is extremely important. The animal products we used to consume were rich in these nutrients thus our body has already been accustomed to them. Once we have transitioned to this diet, it is vital that we get the balance of our body back on track because without it, we will always feel uneasy and unwell. The body clock also needs to be adjusted and this can be done by proper meal planning.

When people talk about protein, the first thing their mind registers is the use of meat to gain this particular micronutrient. While animal-based products, especially meat, is one of the richest sources of protein, it isn’t the only means to gain it. There are so many healthy alternatives and options available that would be a treat to eat and also help you to feel fuller and satisfied with the healthy and amazing diet that you will get to inculcate by having these additional protein sources from a plant-based diet.


One of the strongest and richest sources of proteins, lentils, and other legumes are extremely rich in proteins, minerals, fiber, etc. The red and green lentils are also a great source of potassium apart from being extremely tasty. With lentils, the proteins you will get will be approximately 9g which is a lot and can be considered as ½ a cup of serving. You can consume these lentils just like that or add them to your rice or stew or anything which you consider as a salad.



  1. TOFU

One of the most widely used plant-based product which is loved by all, tofu is a healthier alternative which is rich in proteins and is one of the top sources of providing these nutrients to the people. Soy products are generally rich in proteins and also because of the versatile variety and use of tofu, it is regarded as an indispensable product. It provides 15g of proteins in 4oz of serving which is a lot.



With 2g of protein per tablespoon, chia seeds are a type of seed that is extremely rich in proteins and other nutrients. The fiber content of our body goes up very high with the use of chia seeds. Chia seeds not only makes us feel full after we consume them but they also have a lot of other features that make it one of the best sources of protein. They are one of the best alternatives to the animal-based products we used to consume. Chia seeds also happen to be a low-calorie food item and can help a lot in weight loss.




Another type of seed that is rich in nine types of essential amino acids and has the power to provide 10g of protein per serving, hemp seeds is a great alternative for a protein-based diet. They are easily available in the market and similar to the chia seeds above, they pose a multipurpose feature that allows them to become one of the healthiest and richest sources of proteins for us.


  1. NUTS

A great replacement for the snacks you used to eat which was unhealthy, nuts are a great source of proteins and the best part is you can choose the type of nuts you like based on your liking. When we talk about nuts, the most popular and top source always comes out to be the almonds. With skin and hair enriching properties, almonds are one of the most preferred sorts of nuts which also helps in increasing our memory power. It has 16.5 g of proteins which is available in 1.2 a cup of almonds. Another great source of proteins within the category of nuts are the pistachios which also happen to be the best form of unsaturated fat which lowers the cholesterol levels of our body and keeps our heart healthy and alive.


The various alternatives and substitutes which are available online and in our general stores are enough to help us get the right amount of protein in our diet. Changing into a healthy diet can seem intimidating but once you get a hang of these substitutes, you wouldn’t just feel healthy but also satisfied and well.