Sometime ago Adidas announced that it is developing shoes made of vegan mushroom. Vegan Mushroom Leather Shoes By Adidas are made from mycelium, the fast-growing root systems of mushrooms.

The sports brand is yet to announce the time frames in which the shoes made with the new material will be on the market. Adidas has partnered with Bolt Threads, a biotechnology startup in October to gain access to its vegan leather Mylo.

Adidas Going Plant-Based

The brand started offering vegan shoes since 2020. They launched the vegan version of ‘Stan Smith’ one of its most popular shoes. Adidas has committed to banning fur from its products and going plant-based.

Vegan Stan Smith by Adidas
Vegan Stan Smith (Source: Adidas)

Adidas is also ramping up the use of recycled ocean plastic in place of environmentally damaging materials in its designs. In its attempts to become more environmentally sustainable Adidas produced 15 million pairs of shoes made from recycled plastic waste and aims to increase that number to 17 million in 2021.

Adidas aims to use recycled polyester for 60 per cent of its products. It is also working on recycled cotton.

Vegan Mushroom Leather Shoes By Adidas is another attempt by the company to become more and more susitainable. In June 2020 Adidas launched its initiative “Our Icons Go Vegan” initiative to release vegan versions its most iconic styles. It has added two new styles to the vegan collection: Samba and Continental.

Positive Changes in The World

There are many sports brands which are now working on plant-based materials and recycling the old material for making environmentally sustainable products. In fact, many iconic athletes are embracing a plant-based lifestyle and diet.