A vegan pea milk brand Sproud raised $6.5 million in its latest round of funding. The funds came from growth venture firm VGC Partners.

The company has raised $12 million in funding since its launch in 2018.  It has used the funds to expand to 15 markets, including the USA. Sproud launched its products in the US in 2020. Its products are available in supermarkets, e-commerce platforms like Amazon, independent shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Sproud plans to leverage the funds to expand its distribution and brand-building activities in the UK, Canada, and the United States. They would further their product development as well.

Vegan Pea Milk Brand: Sproud

Sproud is a Swedish Company which was founded by Maria Tegman CEO, Nicklas Jungberg Chairman of the Board, and Christopher Robertson. They use a proprietary formula with yellow split peas protein, GMO-free oils, fortified with essential vitamins to produce vegan pea milk. Protein content in Sproud pea milk is almost two times to the protein content in oat milk and five times to the protein almond milk.

“We are really pleased to have the backing of VGC on our mission to create the best tasting, and most sustainable plant-based offering on the market. We have reached a stage where most people are now aware of the positive impacts that swapping dairy for vegan substitutes would have on our planet and health”, said Sproud Co-founder and Chairman Nicklas Jungberg.

Plant-Based Milk Products in India

Plant based milk is gaining traction in India and hence hundreds of companies are coming up in this space. Plantmade sells coconut milk powder, Haldi Kesar Milk Powder and Instant Vegan Masala Chai and Vegan filter Kappi, etc. You can try Plantmade’s Vegan Beverages links.

There are some other vegan milk brands in India like:

  1. Goodmylk
  2. Nutriva
  3. Sofit

You can also extract plant-based milk at your home. One can extract vegan milk from soy, coconut, hemp seeds, pea, moong, almond, cashew, rice etc. Read our blog on different types of plant-based milk their extraction process and benefits.