Frequently Asked Questions- PlantMade

  1. Are Eggs grown on Plants?   Can I get the plant which grows eggs? Is this egg actually its own plant or is it a mix of a bunch of vegan ingredients? Is it possible to grow these in my backyard if I can get a plant? 
PlantMade Vegetarian Eggs are not grown on plants but are made from Plants .  We use our properietary technology to extract the proteins from indigenous grains like moong beans and chickpeas, these extracted protein solids are then blended with water and plant based gelling agents to result in a thick viscous liquid, that is bottles in 450 gms bottles . 
  1. Can i change my mode of payment after I have placed the order ?    
If we have already processed the order and it has been picked up by the courier service. If it has been dispatched, unfortunately we would not be able to accommodate your request.  
Any changes to the mode of payment can be accommodated on the same day, as the order is placed . The order has to be cancelled via an email and a new order would have to be generated with the updated mode of payment. Alternatively we can also share a paytm link with you to conveniently make the payment . 
  1.  Does the egg look like an actual egg or not ?  
The thick visous liquid is lightly off white/ yellow in nature and resembles the colour of a conventional egg. During and post cooking one may see a great resembelance in a conventional egg and a PlantMade Egg. 
  1. Would like to know how to buy your products – online or from general stores. Where do your source your products – manufactured or traded. Are they available pan India?


We are currently selling through a number of online retailers. 

However the best way to buy our products is through

For cold shipped products like the seekh kebab and vegetarian egg liquid , we operate  in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad and Kolkata. 
All our other products can be delivered pan India.


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