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World’s First Vegan Food Only Hospital

Lots of cool stuff is being heard in the food tech space. Many food brands partnering together and launching various plant based food and beverages. Lots of new brands are coming up. Amidst all this something exciting has happened in the healthcare space as well. The world’s first Vegan Food only hospital has come up in Lebanon. On 1 March 2021 the Hayek Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon became the first hospital in the world to serve only vegan food. The Transition Phase The menu change took place after a transition period. During the transition phase, Hayek offered its patients a choice between animal-based and vegan meals. They also supplied information about the health benefits of choosing plant based foods and the harmful effects...

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The coronavirus that brought COVID19, a global pandemic had halted the universe as we know it for a long time. The origin is a virus (SARS-CoV-2), which is most likely to spread around the world from animals to humans. The drastic global effect is demonstrated by the increasing number of cases and deaths which pushed health services beyond their human limits. Public life, services, development and commerce were severely limited as well as domestic and foreign travel. In addition, extreme and long-term impacts, for example, large employment cuts, industry exits and global recessions, all having profound impacts over the last year are unavoidable. A plant based diet may decrease the incidence of a potential future pandemic.

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Plantmade has recently launched its Peshawari Seekh kebab which is one of the best products in their exquisite lineup of vegan and quality products. An alternative to the traditional sliced lamb Seekh kebab, the Plantmade Peshwari Seekh kebab is 100% vegan and natural. You will get the same taste and texture without the consumption of meat in any form and this will ensure that not only are you have an ethical and sustainable diet but you are also genuinely enjoying the food you eat.

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Finding a restaurant that has good food and is vegan is a tough task considering not everyone follows veganism. You might have encountered yourself going to a restaurant or a café and choosing the most basic vegetarian delicacy but asking the chef multiple times to go over the ingredients so that they don’t end up messing with your dish and making it vegetarian instead of vegan. The thought of consuming dairy or anything else which doesn’t fall in the bracket of veganism is scary and this is why going to a vegan restaurant seems like a better option.

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