“Don’t go vegan, vegan food sucks, I hate veganism!”

“You must be a hippie, for you to take this approach.”

“Get back to your normal life; this doesn't suit you.”

How frequently do you hear these statements? Quite frequently, correct? 

How does it feel to be under constant stereotype attack? The repugnant sentiments experienced by our fellow community members in this contemporary age are deeply unsettling.

Being “vegan”, often subjected to a lot of misconceptions and myths, is a way of living that takes ethical, environmental, and health concerns into account in addition to food choices. The dynamic and varied vegan community is overshadowed by several prejudices that persist despite the rising popularity of veganism. 

“Most of the notions are based on mentality rather than facts.”

Just as human moods are based on emotions, so are the assertions being made. As it stands, vegans are still viewed as outcasts in our culture. It is still anticipated that the next generation's enlightened perspectives would ultimately mold the concept of veganism as a whole.

Are you ready to debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding veganism? Let's separate fact from fiction and uncover the truth about this plant-powered lifestyle. 

Here are some of the most widespread myths and misconceptions about veganism, along with the specific reasons why they are untrue-

1.Vegans are violent extremists 

"You are no less than a killer, meat is murder” It is often seen as a stereotype where vegan people want nothing more than to loiter around splattering fur coats with red paint or shouting obscenities at any omnivore they come across. You know this is what vegan do right?

For every good, there is a little proportion of bad. Not every vegan behaves in the same manner when it comes to this. It is accurate to say that a tiny minority of vegans exhibit aggressive behaviour during rallies.

Although their tone may come off as impolite, they are not attempting to use weapons to harm others; rather, they are attempting to make their arguments clearly.

Are we a judge to make a statement? We are not the ones to judge which lifestyle is best. While adopting a vegan lifestyle may be fantastic, there is nothing wrong with people who consume meat. Acknowledge and treat their life path with love and respect. Since we are all human, there shouldn't be a dividing wall between the two groups. 

And let me share a little secret, honestly speaking, I'd rather hang out with a gregarious meat eater with interesting views than a chilly vegan with nothing to contribute to the conversation.

2.Vegans are always flaunting their lifestyle

“Have you looked at this incredible platform that makes it so easy to obtain the necessary plant-based alternatives?” You must be thinking we are telling you this to make you feel inferior. How come? We are the plant eaters, and you are simply the animal eaters. If you think that way my friend, I would ask you to change your perspective.

Our purpose is not to trigger you or your emotions. It’s just that we are informing you by spreading awareness regarding the amazing benefits you would love to check out. As we say, ‘sharing is caring” and so is this!

You'll be shocked to learn that a large number of vegans are afraid to reveal their identities in public. Considering the situation, will people embrace them? What are your thoughts on this?

To some extent, social media platforms are pushing veganism as a growing industry. It doesn't imply that the vegans approaching you and sharing their inspiring story with you want you to follow in their footsteps. They still don't want to cause any trouble, even in that case.

At the end, it is your life, you decide the rules and terms of living it. Nobody can sway you; nevertheless, you may make ideas. Keep that in mind. People will love you the way you are, and so will we.

3.Vegans solely eat salads

“Hey, you're vegan, so I assume all you eat is green?” Here's yet another stereotype that you probably hear from everyone you interact with.

Where are all my french fries lovers? Are fries not consumed by everyone? Is it only restricted to animal eaters? Duh!

Well, there are a lot of standard diets that are either already vegan or can easily be converted. You won't know, even though you are a part. All cuisines have tasty and varied vegan appetizers, main dishes, and desserts to offer.

That being said, vegan dishes that are made with an abundance of vegetables and seasonings may be quite delicious and appetizing. Comfort meals like mac and cheese and pizza may also be found in vegan variants, and vegans love cooking veggies, grains, and legumes. 

Well, vegans don’t hate meat. It’s just that the product is animal-based; there’s nothing personal against it. If you are a vegan and love to eat plant-based meat just because you love the taste, you should try the lahori seekh kebab, crispy fingers and of course the smoked patty. The plus one point is even the non vegans enjoy the plant made meats, makes it a win-win.

Being so inclusive is one of the best things about veganism.

4.Vegans are more concerned with the animal rights than human rights

“Are you trying to portray yourself as a superior fellow by giving up on an animal-based lifestyle? Why so? Because you guys only care about animal rights, isn't it?” This stereotype really gets on my nerves.

Another comment I’ve come across on the web goes on saying “You vegans only care about animal rights and not about black people”.

How are you so sure that people who are attending animal rights protests do not go to anti-racism protests? The answer is pretty simple: many of them do attend.

After all, we are human. Do we still need to categorize people into two groups?Vegans are meant to care about animal rights and Non-vegans are meant to care about human rights.

What I feel is showing care for both the entities should be given on the same proportion. When farm animals are subjected to violence, it is a really serious conduct that we should speak out against. However, we must speak up and expose those who are tormented because of their gender, race, culture, caste, ethnicity, or any other reason.

Well, justice and equality should be balanced. It is up to you to take a stand on this. It’s time to break free from the shackles of prejudice and embrace a kind and conscientious lifestyle. Learn the tenets of veganism with an open mind, and let diversity, education, and polite discourse be your guide! 

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What do you think about these vegan stereotypes? I would love to hear your insights on this. Join us in our mission to create a more compassionate and informed world for all beings! By celebrating the diversity within the vegan community, we can promote empathy and understanding. Let's make a difference together!