Whenever you undertake a task that includes breaking a sweat, you often tend to look for options that can boost your energy levels. There is a popular notion that high protein rich foods leverage your body to get the extra support for exercise. While protein is essential for your body, the role of protein is that it repairs the damaged cells of the body and helps make new ones. The role of carbohydrates is to provide your body with energy by converting it to glucose. Carbohydrates are essential for smooth bodily functions and physical activity.

If you look at the trend, in the past 5 years, there are many athletes who have resorted to vegan life and have performed exceptionally well in their respective fields. So, what are some of the items that you should include in your diet that can boost your energy levels? Let us take a look.

Below is the list of Vegan items that can be instant energizers-

1. Spinach — The kids’ popular cartoon may have been far-fetched but it wasn’t entirely wrong. Spinach is a superlative source of energy. Spinach contains iron, magnesium, vitamins, and proteins. One of the benefits of having spinach is that the plant-based protein cuts down the fats that are accumulated by consuming meat-based proteins. The other nutritive components of spinach ensures that the  blood sugar level stays in control and the energy levels increase with the better  blood flow and decreased muscle breakdown.

2. Oats — A lot of packaged pre-workout snacks include oats. However, the best way to consume oats is to avoid the instant ones and indulge in the rolled or steel-cut variety. They are high in fiber and that makes you feel full faster. The good part is that they are high in soluble fiber which reduces the glycemic index and helps regulate blood sugar. The iron, potassium, and vitamins ensure you get a boost right before your workout.

3. Raisins — Whenever you are in the middle of a workout and feel dizzy, you can pop a few raisins and wait for your body to give you a go-ahead. Raisins are essentially little packets of energy as they are filled with natural sugars that can keep you going for a long time. These iron and potassium-rich pockets can be added to shakes, smoothies, or puddings too.

4. Flax seeds — Flax seeds are popularly known as “Alsi” in India. There are a variety of chutneys, sweets, or traditional bread made with flax seeds. They contain the “good fats” or Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats. They contain carbohydrates and proteins that can help you take your workout to the next level.

5. Bananas — Bananas are extremely high in glucose, fructose, and most importantly potassium. In fact, anyone who has fluctuating blood sugar is expected to portion the consumption of bananas. This can be a pre-workout snack; a wonderful breakfast and you can add it to your milkshake and shake things up. This amazing fruit should be consumed at least once a day by those who exercise regularly to keep up their energy levels.

Precautions to take while including these foods in your diet

The inclusion of all nutritive components in a meal ensures that your bodily functions are not affected and you get the maximum out of your food. If you are looking to add plant-based protein to your diet, you cannot go wrong with PlantMade's Vegetarian Anda Powder acting as the best alternative to eggs.  There are many options to pick from when you are looking for vegan items to boost your energy levels. However, given the composition of most of these items you should regulate your diet incase of oscillating blood sugar levels.