Have you ever wondered about the key elements to make your kitchen more enticing, vegan-friendly , and inclusive for all dietary preferences? Plant based cooking becomes more enjoyable when you have the right kind of kitchen equipments and supplies on hand that elevates your culinary experience and boost the inventiveness of plant-based cuisine. So are you ready to revolutionize
your kitchen and overcome your challenges that might have held you back on your path to a plant-based lifestyle ? If yes, let’s unfold the secret elements-

How to choose the perfect key kitchen tools?
You must be pondering that the cost of maintaining a well-equipped kitchen with all the required appliances might be high. What if I tell you that it is absolutely possible to dodge the expensive goods and use the basic, essential kitchen supplies instead? Let’s understand this better.
1. Food Processor: A food processor is handy since it'ss perfect for chopping, slicing, and shredding nuts, seeds, and veggies. Making hummus, vegan pesto, cashew cheese, and other delectable vegan sauces is made easier with the use of a food processor.
2. Blender: For a healthy start to the day, a high-speed blender is needed, making every second matter. A good blender is one of those essential items for every vegan kitchen, whether you start your day with a bowl of smoothie or prefer creamy soups, gazpacho, cashew cream, or your own non-dairy milk.
3. Coffee/ Spice Grinder: The coffee grinder makes it a win-win to start your day. It is quite affordable and also gives a dual benefit by saving long hours of making vegan cheese. And if you are a spice lover, it gets the spices crushed within seconds, serving you the way you like.
4. Vegan Cookware & Bakeware: It's true that the stainless pot works
wonders in ensuring the safety of the nonstick surfaces Likewise, carbon steel is the conventional work material of choice since it is lightweight, naturally nonstick, and reasonably priced. This allows you to consistently cook flawless pancakes and crepes. It is regarded as vegan friendly kitchenware. Almost everyone enjoys baking. And it's not difficult to find the ingredients you need for baking. With
ceramic/enamel bakeware, the non-coating surface is reduced and the nonstick baking sheets are easily interchangeable.
5. Daily kitchen accessories: To ensure efficiency and safety in the kitchen, invest in a collection of sharp knives such as a chef's knife, a serrated bread knife, and sturdy knives for precision cutting and chopping of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Because of its strength, durability, and sustainability, a hardwood or bamboo chopping board is required to cut the vegetables. The most important cooking tools are even wooden spoons.
These are some commonplace accessories or support systems that every vegan kitchen must have to make their culinary experience better.
What are some Versatile Ingredients for Plant-Based Cooking?
Every plant-based kitchen should have a well-stocked pantry on hand. These ingredients add up the nutrients value, protein, texture and also give a delectable flavour for cooking,
1.Nutritional Yeast: If you love to cook delectable items, nutritional yeast is a staple ingredient in the vegan kitchen. You can use it as a seasoning in popcorn, salads, pasta or pizza.If you love sauces, it can be used as a savoury to give the cheesy flavour.
2.Tofu:  Tofu is a good vegan substitute, which is dairy free ,gluten-free, cholesterol-free and enriched with proteins. The craving for tofu is never ending as it is widely used to make a plethora of dishes. The Kadhai Tofu, the Tofu Bhurji, Tofu stir fry are not to be missed .
3.Whole Grains: Stock up on a variety of nutritious grains, including quinoa, brown rice, farro, and bulgur, which make nutrient-dense and satisfying foundations for a variety of vegan dishes.
4.Legumes & Beans: Beans are something you shouldn’t miss out on in
the ingredient list. Don't forget to keep chickpeas and lentils on hand since they make excellent additions to soups, pilafs, and salads because they are high in protein and vitamins.
5.Fresh Herbs & Spices: Plant-based recipes may be made in an infinite variety of ways by combining spices and herbs, each adding a different aroma and flavour to the recipe.
6. Products by PlantMade: Your idea of a perfect vegan kitchen remains incomplete without us being a part of it. PlantMade offers an array of environment-friendly yet tasty and nutritious vegan products and substitutes to satisfy your cravings and at the same time enriching you with the best vegan balanced diet. 

Crafting a plant-based kitchen with the right vegan appliances and right kind of plant based ingredients is essential to make the best vegan dishes catering to all your nutritional requirements. If you have a keen interest in experimenting with vegan dishes, the right selection of appliances and pantry will not just make it enjoyable but very useful at the same time.
With so much information in your plate, you must definitely be wondering about where you can actually get a lot of vegan products for your unique
vegan kitchen. Well, your wait is finally over. 
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