In an age where our choices hold more sway than ever before, the decision to embrace veganism not only restricts itself to personal dietary preferences but is also a profound statement of our commitment to animal welfare. Every year, October 4 marks “World Animal Welfare Day” and
serves as a poignant reminder of the fundamental bond that exists between humans and animals.
It underscores our shared responsibility to protect and advocate for the well-being of those who suffer every day for our peaceful existence.
Animals have played a pivotal role in the comfort and betterment of human beings for ages in one form or the other. They have served selflessly for the fulfilment of a multitude of our needs starting from food, agriculture, and transportation to companionship, clothing and medical advancements. Studies have shown that animals have suffered a lot due to overuse and over-exploitation. More than 25 million animals are killed by the meat industry each year — in horrifying ways beyond our imagination. Dairy cows face a lifetime of forced impregnation, having their babies taken away from them, and then when they are no longer considered ‘profitable’, they are usually sent to the slaughterhouse. Many of their natural instincts and needs are denied to them, all in the name of producing meat and dairy products as quickly and cheaply as possible.
Acts of cruelty towards animals are witnessing no boundaries to fulfil the never-ending human needs and desires. Amidst this glooming reality, growing animal cruelty concerns and ethical dilemmas comes the concept of veganism which has emerged as a powerful force for change. Veganism is considered a very crucial step taken for the protection of these creatures indirectly leaving humans with multi-fold benefits. Organizations like PETA, Vegan Outreach, and Mercy for Animals have proposed Veganism as one of the best ways to reduce suffering for animals. A famous book titled
“Ninety-five” suggests that 95 is the average number of animals spared each year by one person’s vegan diet. By refusing to pay for animal products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are bred to suffer and die on farms and in slaughterhouses.
The conscious intersection of veganism and animal welfare brings a major impact at much deeper levels for the world as a whole:

Fulfilment of Ethical Responsibility: Choosing a vegan lifestyle embodies the ethical principle of saying no to all animal-made products. It stands as a testament to our moral duty towards fellow inhabitants of our shared world.
Environmental Guardship: Animal agriculture comes with an enormous demand for land, water and food resources which leads to deforestation, habitat loss and greenhouse emissions. By resorting to vegan meals, we alleviate the pressure on ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and combat climate change.
Health and wellness: Much widely known, a vegan diet results in improved health and, better metabolism and hails you free from chronic diseases resulting in the reduction of the burden on healthcare systems strained by diet-related illnesses which are generally cured by even more dependence on animals.

Global Impact: As the demand for plant-based foods rises up, industries respond with investments in innovative, cruelty-free alternatives. It results in creating wider economic opportunities and promotes ethical practices globally with major policy changes and in turn aiding in animal welfare on
a wider scale.

Therefore, ‘Going Vegan’ positively impacts various aspects of overall animal well-being. We must pay back to these creatures for their undying efforts towards humanity. This World Animal Welfare Day, we do not need any new morals for animals. We just need to stop arbitrarily excluding
animals from our present morals.
By embracing veganism, we can take a giant stride towards a brighter, more harmonious world where animals are not seen as commodities but as fellow travellers on this precious planet. Every meal we choose, every product we purchase, and every conversation we engage in about the
importance of animal welfare has the potential to create profound change.
PlantMade has contributed towards this noble cause by providing a wide range of animal alternatives and vegan products for you helping you to make a conscious trouble-free shift. We have done our bit! Now, it’s your time to take action!
Together, we can build a world where compassion knows no bounds, and every day becomes an “Animal Welfare Day”.