The Art of Hosting a Vegan BBQ:

Do you often get to hear that vegan barbeque parties are a big bummer? It’s actually fun to be a part of this wholesome culinary experience. As conscientious vegans, we believe that this innovative idea of vegan barbecue is something that everyone should experience. You won’t believe that a vegan barbecue can be just as flavorful, luscious, mouth-watering and exciting as a traditional one. Starting with enticing plant-based kebabs, grilled vegetables, delectable salad, scrumptious plant-based snacks, plant-based beverages, and of course, how can we forget the drinks? Sounds like a perfect evening to chill with your vegan pals!

Time to spice up your summer gathering with the whole new Vegan Barbeque Party. Enhance your hosting abilities and create a lasting impression by preparing a delicious vegan feast. Become the ultimate grill expert by perfecting the art of vegan barbecue.


Put on your shades and make haste to jot down the following notes for the lavish feast:

  • Plan a succulent menu- Planning is the first step. Make sure you pick a theme for the feast.
  • For salad you can include Quinoa Salad, Potato Salad and if you like it spicy Sweet & Spicy Roasted Squash & Pecan Salad is a great choice. To add a protein based snack, spicy oil free roasted chickpeas, vegan quinches, plant based classic momos, crispy tofu fry and seitan in flavourful sauces is all you need. Don’t forget to add the veggie skewers to complete the look!

  • Get the correct equipment- The barbecue grill is the most essential piece of equipment for the gathering. I would suggest getting both the gas and charcoal ones. Make sure you have the other tools for the barbeque such as skewers, spatulas, air blowers, tongs and a brush for greasing purposes.

  • Give a new definition with Plant-Based Meat-  Snacking on these succulently marinated and deftly cooked plant based seekh kebabs, crispy fingers, and burgers will satisfy all of your plant-based buddies while also tantalizing your palate. Have your finger-licking wonderful vegan mayo dip ready.

  • Give a creative touch to burgers- Without burgers, it wouldn't be a true barbecue. Vegan burgers are extremely juicy, puffy, succulent and extremely delicious. Some of the top recommendations are tofu burgers, mushroom burger, vegan bean burger and also vegan chickpea burger.

  • Vegan refreshments and beverages- Without the beverage section, the celebration cannot begin. Arrange a few beverages like lemon iced tea, strawberry smoothie, strawberry pineapple smoothie, frozen coconut mojito. Don’t forget to place the selected vegan wine and vegan beers on the table. For all the cocktail lovers, make sure there’s a counter where the guests can make their own cocktail with the plant based spirits and mixers. Keep the swag alive in a plant-based way!

  • Room for vegan dessert: Satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with the vegan dessert section,  the perfect finishing touch to any party! For the ice cream, there are a lot of options. Vegan cupcakes and brownies will complement it with sweetness. For those who are cheesy cravers, you can arrange for vegan cheesecake- the ultimate party showstopper!

  • Give the ambience an aesthetic look and organize few activities-Set up a large table in your backyard and embellish it with a set of silverware, plates, and glasses. candles with scents and fairy light. Don’t forget to play music to get the party started. You can arrange some engaging activities like card games, corn hole, flip cup ,tug of war. Group music session, standup comedies are always a win-win.

  • Elevate your next barbecue party with these expert tips for a vegan menu that will leave your guests talking for seasons to come! Leverage every opportunity to highlight the delectability and adaptability of plant-based food. 

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