Plant based athletes, vegan actors, singers, Oscar winners and F1 Champions have been making news in recent times. Gradually shifting towards plant based diet for better health, appearance and planet is the talk of the town..! Here is the list depicting a few famous celebrities shining bright with their remarkable plant based diet and regime.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, who hails from a Punjabi family, was a foodie and a heavy meat eater for the long part of his career. His poor fitness was effecting his game adversely. Then he decided to embrace a plant-based diet. By sacrificing his previous animal-centric diet, he aimed to become one of the fittest cricketers. And soon after seeing better results on his game, he turned completely veganleaving dairy and animal-based products altogether. This resulted in an enormous improvement in his game. He became one of the fittest athletes in the world. The country’s biggest sports star eats only plant based diets. He is a complete Delhi boy who confessed his love for makhani, is now completely off dairy. And there is your gym trainer who says you can't build muscles without eating a chicken breast. Knock some sense in him.                                                                                                                                                                                       


Benedict Cumberbatch

The mysterious Sherlock let the cat out of the bag officially that multi-talented actor Benedict Cumberbatch is a vegan. In an interview, while promoting the highly awaited Avengers-Infinity War, Dr Strange gave huge insights over his completely vegan diet. On being asked about eating the native local food in Singapore, he replied  “as much as a vegan can.” He got more into promoting veganismon a cover shoot of British magzine GQ. He put on vegan boots for the  with a suit made of “future wool” from Brave GentleMan, which is the world’s 1st all-vegan luxury menswear brand. On his journey of supporting ethical vegan fashion, he has proudly chosen to live cruelty-free.


Serena Williams

A mother to a 3-year old, an American and winner of 23 Grand Slams, Serena Williams is one the strongest and most dynamic female athlete of all time.

On her road to support veganism, the tennis player owns a vegan e-commerce fashion line. Be it on tours or anywhere, she follows a strictly plant-based diet. She has followed the footsteps of her sister Venus Williams, who is a raw vegan. In the early part of her career she was not fond of complete animal free and dairy free diets. To support her sister's battle with Sjogren’s syndrome, Serena is following this regime since 2017.  She started her S by Serena Spring Collection and launched her cruelty-free collection including the vegan leather range in New York Fashion Week. The 2020 collection had eye-catchy products like dresses, pantsuits, and jumpsuits made from vegan leather.


Bill Clinton

Former US president Bill Clintion turned vegan in the year 2020 after having cardiac health issues. He turned vegan after he had undergone emergency surgery.

In the year 2004, he even underwent a quadruple coronary bypass surgery.

There are many reasons to adopt a vegan diet some acquire it for the animals or for the environment, but for some like Former President Bill Clinton, just want to live longer.

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One driver has always been outspoken about, how following a plant-based diet has benefitted him in different ways. He has also stressed, how turning vegan has influenced his energy for better performance. While interviewing with GQ Hype, Lewis said that,while it is ideal for your energy “to be consistent”, sometimes you may have “big oscillations and highs and lows in your energy levels”.


Hence, to face this issue, in 2017, he turned vegan for his enhanced performance and got rid of them. Being Britain's most celebrated racing driver, Hamilton is opening his own vegan restaurant. The restaurant will serve meat free burgers and it is called “Neat Burger”.

There are claims that the food served is more sustainable, healthy as well as ethical comparative to other fast-food restaurants.

The reason for adopting this plant based lifestyle was to change his eating habits and also to help the environment.


Genelia D’souza

[caption id="attachment_10042" align="alignright" width="300"]Image source: Inc42[/caption]

As said by the Indian actress, she got the least options being a vegetarian apart from paneer and potatoes. With over four years of being off-meat she realized that we didn’t really miss meat, but only the taste of it. But Riteish Deshmukh, her husband and also an actor especially missed it.

So she began to ponder over if there was a way to do the right things for animals and for the environment, but also retain the taste of meat.

So the couple eventually launched their plant based meat venture calledImagine Meats - with the help of The Good Food Institute (GFI).


Amir Khan

Mr Perfectionist is not lagging behind in this aspect of his life too. He was a big fan of chicken, & fish meat but turned vegan.

Amir Khan has not only left animal meat but has also shifted to complete plant based diets leaving dairy and animal-based products altogether.

This change was brought about by her wife Kiran Rao after she showed him a video pertaining to diseases that can be prevented by diet.

He turned vegan since then and lead a better life after making this commitment.