Mayonaise is the new favourite side item of most youngsters, especially those who love junk food like MOMOS!! Earlier people used to wait till they had momos for having mayonnaise. And requested the vendor to give a little bit of extra mayonnaise. LOL, like free dhaniyaa.. Now a wide variety of mayonnaise is available in the market. Different flavours of vegan mayo are being launched by companies being tried by customers every now and then.

Well, with time, mayo has become a household item which you can find in most middle-class homes, at least in metropolitan cities. Most of us don’t even know what mayonnaise is but we just love having it with salads, sandwiches, burgers, bread etc.

What Is Mayonaise?

‘Mayonnaise’ is derived from an old french word called moyeu meaning egg yolk. So, Mayonnaise is actually an emulsionthat is made by vigorous whisking while vegetable oil is slowly added to egg yolk.

Healthier Simple Vegan Mayonaise

There is a very simple and easy way through which you can make low fat, oil-free, dairy-free, creamy and delicious vegan mayo. It is very simple. And the result is going to be very creamy, delicious and obviously cruelty-free.

  1. Use vinegar or lemon juice to coagulate the mylk
  2. Strain the curd
  3. Blend it with flavour like salt, garlic, coriander etc for flavour

Plantmade Vegan Mayon

Some of you might still find it hard to take time out for cooking and make a bowl of creamy vegan mayo for them. For such people, you can buy vegan mayo online on Plantmade web store. Our vegan mayo is made of moong. We have two different flavours of Chatak chaatand peri and peri peri. In case you try our vegan mayo, share your feedback with us.