Leading food brands are coming up with vegan menus across the globe. The vegan meat substitutes like vegan steak, vegan ground beef, vegan chicken, vegan meatballs, vegan egg etc are quickly gaining traction.  Premier Coffee brand Starbucks doesn’t want to be left behind in this plant based revolution. Starbucks is adding vegan options to its menu. Starbucks added vegan beef to its menu at over 57 stores, primarily in Jakarta and Bali. Green Butcher, a local plant-based startup, is supplying the plant based beef to the Coffee brand. Green Butcher is operated by the founder of Burgreens, Indonesia’s largest plant-based chain. Green Butcher’s vegan products, are made from non-GMO soy, chickpeas, mushrooms, and seitan.

What is Vegan Beef?

Vegan Beef is alternatively known as mock beef, faux beef, veggie beef etc. It is the meatless beef alternative made up of plant based ingredients like mushrooms, chickpeas, soy, jackfruit etc. and it emulates beef in taste, texture and other culinary properties. Lot of vegan ground beef and plant based beef are coming in the market. Brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible burger are steadily growing.

Starbucks Going Vegan

Just like thousands of food brands like KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell etc, even Starbucks is adding vegan options to its menu everyday in the global markets. It has launched a wide range of options in different locations.

  • In April, the firm added Beyond Meat and OmniPork to its menu across 4,200 locations in China.
  • DuringJan the coffee chain added four fully vegan sandwiches in the United Kingdom.
  • In the month of Jan  Starbucks launched two meatless sandwiches made with Beyond Meat across 200 locations in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.
  •  During June 2020, the American Coffee chain launched the meatless Impossible Breakfast Sandwich across USA.