When someone talks about veganism, the exclusion of dairy is the first thing that comes to their mind. But no one can stop the craving for caffeine in our bodies which can only be fulfilled by the truest and the best varieties of coffees available in the market. Over time, more and more people have adopted veganism which has led to a significant rise in the number of various types of vegans and dairy-free coffee available. They come in different flavors and are usually straightforward to make. You won’t feel the difference between the tastes of either coffee. Some of the best types of vegan coffees to pump your body with caffeine and enormous energy are:



 For coffee lovers, vegan Turkish coffee will be a delight to try on. Extremely strong and rich in taste, the vegan Turkish coffee is true to its nature and 100% dairy-free. The best part about this coffee is that you can add cloves and cardamom to give it a different spicy taste and all you got to do is brew the coffee a little more than usual and then add the spices for the perfect blend. Without adding any milk or sugar, you will get the most authentic and energizing taste. 




Since it is a latte, the question of using dairy comes into place. But that’s not the case anymore. You can use almond milk or any other dairy milk substitute which is 100% cruelty-free and make this amazing festive latte topped with your favorite spices and some molasses to give it an extravagant feel. There is a lot of vegan whipped cream available in the market which you can spray over your gingerbread latte and have the most exquisite and unique coffee to your disposal.




Usually not a preferred option because of the inclusion of whiskey in it, but if you want to host a party and want your guests to have the best of both worlds, then you should try out the vegan Irish coffee. All you have to do is make a strong coffee just like the one you did in the Turkish coffee and add one shot of whiskey to it. for balancing the taste of whiskey, your coffee should be stronger than usual. If it still seems a little bitter, you can add some vegan whipped cream over it to balance the taste and also have a sweet treat.




 The delicious taste of hazelnut mixed with raw coffee is something that will arouse your tastebuds and take you to another level. The Plantmade hazelnut coffee is the best in business here because of their pure hazelnut mixed with coffee beans topping up to give the richest and the sweetest flavors to your coffee. It is made up of the highest quality refined and deodorized soy proteins and is very easy to make. This can be your go-to beverage if you are a vegan, coffee lover.

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 The taste of caramel is something adults and children love alike. You can either be a fan or just absolutely dislike it and when it comes to coffee, caramel coffee always steals the show. If you are a vegan and would like to try out the caramel coffee, you should go with the Plantmade caramel coffee which is made up of caramelized sugar roasted with the finest coffee beans and is fully vegetarian. A perfect beverage for your children and you as well, the taste is going to leave you flabbergasted for a long time. 


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