When you start a plant-based diet it can get a little tough to inculcate all the nutrients in your diet based on plant sources. Fats happen to be one such sub-group that is extremely essential for maintaining a healthy diet and it needs to be consumed by a person as a part of their healthy and smart lifestyle. One thing we should remember before jumping into consuming fats is that not all of them are good fats. The unsaturated, trans fats are responsible for a lot of unhealthy properties in our body like the coagulation of the heart, cholesterol increase, etc. So, consuming monounsaturated fats is extremely important which will keep our body and heart in control and super healthy at all times.

Vegan Cutlets

Some of the top fat sources for a plant-based diet which can keep us healthy while allowing us to have the access to all the nutrients are:

  1. NUTS

Considered to be a jackpot, nuts are the topmost source of fats and other nutrients in a plant-based diet. They happen to contain the maximum amount of monounsaturated fats which keep us healthy and going at all times. Be it almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, or anything else, they manage to keep our cholesterol levels down and weight in control. They also offer to be a snacking item which will keep us full for longer and they can be replaced with chips as an alternative. They are also an amazing alternative for weight gain and nuts can be eaten in any form at any time. Nowadays, salted nuts are coming into the market to keep our tastebuds more engaged.



If you are looking for a fat source which is 19% rich in fats and is one of the healthiest alternatives when it comes to monounsaturated fats then avocado is the answer. They happen to have a buttery texture which makes it an easy and tasty spread on bread and also allows us to consume the healthy kind of fats. Avocados come in a lot of forms and one of the most famous one is guacamole which is a highly preferred source of protein because of its nutrient content and finger-licking taste. Avocados also manage to insert some amount of protein and vitamin K within us which makes it one of the healthiest plant-based diet sources.



A lot of us have a sweet tooth and it gets important to satisfy that. Cacao nibs happen to be a revolutionary alternative that has swept the market away with its taste and health benefits. This sweet and savory form of monounsaturated fat which has around 50% healthy fats within it and is also a great source of iron, cacao nibs are something which is probably one of the best supplements we can find. This is not the regular form of chocolate which is mixed with tons of sugar and milk but is made out of the rich and healthy form of dark chocolate which is extremely good for our heart and mind. This is something that can satisfy our sugar craving without actually consuming it and instead of having cacao nibs with great antioxidant properties which manage to give us the most out of our plant-based diet.



Using the regular oil rich in bad cholesterol is something that needs to get replaced at all costs and olive oil provides us a way to do so. With a high quality of unsaturated fats and high cholesterol levels it provides, it is important to replace them. Even if you are someone who doesn’t follow a plant-based diet or is a vegan, choosing olive oil is your best bet to be healthy and alive. This supplement is the healthiest form of monounsaturated fats contained in an oil product and is known to increase the good cholesterol content in our body while improving blood sugar levels as well. Made out of 73% oleic acid, olive oil has the best ingredients which form it and its anti-inflammatory properties ensure that we always have a healthy and young heart. The anti-oxidant-rich olive oil is a great product to use while cooking anything in your kitchen when you are following a plant-based diet.



Another oil substitute to your daily use oil, coconut oil has a lot of enriching properties if you have decided to shift to a plant-based diet or just, in general, want to follow a healthier pace of diet. Coconut oil manages to keep its delicious taste intact all the time which makes it a great substitute. Coconut oil keeps our brain levels high and cholesterol levels low which is exactly what is needed from our fat sources. It has wide use and is highly important in weight gain. You can replace your regular refined oil with coconut oil and can have a healthier lifestyle.

Plant-based diet might seem like tough work to go about because of the extreme care you have to take in whatever you eat, but in reality, everything mentioned is easily available and once you start replacing your food items with these alternatives, you will feel light and healthy throughout.