Many a time our mothers have advised us to put some turmeric in our regular milk and attain the innumerable benefits the Haldi milk will provide you. Turmeric milk is something that is widely consumed in India and has become a staple for growing children and even adults. People love to drink the Haldi Kesar milk because of the exquisite and refreshing taste it carries and turmeric ensures that we feel full and satisfied for a longer period. It is one of the healthiest and the tastiest options which is why most mothers swear by it.

Haldi or turmeric is a staple spice that has been living on the shelves of our country for a long time back. This is because of the health benefits turmeric poses. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, people love consuming this delicious yet healthy spice in their day-to-day life. The extravagant taste of Haldi ensures that our taste buds are always treated and we enjoy every slurp of the Haldi-Kesar milk we are drinking. If you are a vegan, the choices of enjoying dairy products get limited and that applies to the Haldi-Kesar milk as well.

But there is nothing to worry about because Plantmade has launched its own instant vegan Haldi Kesar milk which is 100% vegan and dairy-free.



The Plantmade Haldi Kesar milk is made out of coconut powder so the goodness of coconut combined with turmeric is what you get in this beautiful product. You can enjoy your amazing Haldi Kesar latte without having to worry about consuming dairy. Since this product is entirely vegan and contains not even dairy proteins, it is good for people who are lactose intolerant.

The coconuts which are used in creating this delicious and healthy products is cultivated by locally supported farmers. So, not only are you getting the varied and rich taste of the haldi kesar milk but you are also supporting the farmers. The haldi kesar milk also contains really saffron and high-quality turmeric which gives it great medicinal properties.

You can enjoy the richness of turmeric and the good benefits of milk in this non-dairy, GMO-free product and the taste won’t vary. There are no preservatives or additionally added colors. The Plantmade Haldi Kesar milk is 100% organic and true to its words.


The Haldi Kesar milk by Plantmade is a product that will give you the richness of its taste and also the numerous advantages it has. It is 100% gluten-free and doesn’t contain any sort of preservatives or artificial coloring. One of the healthiest and the most preferred Haldi Kesar milk, this product can do wonders. Extremely rich in fiber and proteins, and also the allowance of carbs in your diet, if you are someone who is following the keto diet, the instant vegan Haldi Kesar milk by Plantmade will be your energizer.

Another benefit of this product is that since it is made out of coconut powder, it tends to have a low glycemic index which allows your body to burn out the fat slowly keeping you up and energized for a long time. You can use the Plantmade instant vegan Haldi Kesar milk as a beverage that you can consume before your children leave for school or you go to work so your calorie count remains good and you feel full and awake at all times. With all the benefits, the taste doesn’t get compromised either so feel free to use it when you have guests over and you need a refreshing drink.

Since the Haldi Kesar milk is made out of pure turmeric and saffron, the numerous benefits which are attached to this can’t be neglected. The reason turmeric is used in a lot of food products is because of the active component curcumin which gives it a natural and healthy feel. Consuming Haldi will allow your body to feel naturally strong and you can easily combat chronic diseases like diabetes. Since the sugar levels are low to none in the instant vegan Haldi Kesar milk, the benefits of turmeric get magnified and you only receive the best.

The Haldi Kesar milk which you can make using the instant vegan Haldi Kesar milk also carries benefits and advantages. the major one being is that this latte will prevent cold and your body can easily fight against cold. Another advantage is that mothers prefer it for their children because of the amazing memory retention power it has that is useful for the kids especially in their growing years. having a cup of Haldi Kesar milk during your periods will ensure that your cramps are in check and you feel good all the time.


The Plantmade haldi kesar milk is readily available in the form of powder and you can use it to make delicious and smooth haldi kesar latte or turmeric milk. The procedure is quite simple and all you have to do is mix the Plantmade haldi kesar milk in a cup of warm water with 1:3 ratio and just mix it up for 30 seconds at max. This will give you a delicious and comforting cup or turmeric latte which will be energizing and refreshing.