When we start following veganism, it gets a little skeptical to go out and eat in a restaurant because we are unaware of how the food is made. Veganism focuses mainly on eating dairy-free products and doesn’t contain any meat in it. A lot of famous food items and regular food items contain dairy products and when you are the one not making it, you can't be too sure of what’s going inside. This is where the vegan restaurants come in place which understand your diet and ethics and guarantees you the food which matches.

There are several vegan restaurants around the world due to the increasing practice of veganism in recent times. Since more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of veganism and are passionate about the increasing climate and environmental crisis, they have been shifting to a vegan diet. To cater to such needs of people, a lot of beautiful and healthy vegan restaurants have surfaced. If you are someone who is trying to explore these vegan restaurants around the world, then these top 4 restaurants will be a stellar choice to satisfy your hunger, and a diet plan is your best bet.


 In the fast-paced life of New York City, finding the perfect food joints isn’t a task. With the sea of restaurants which are present in NYC, the beautiful and elegant 11 Madison Square stands out because of the vegan-friendly restaurant it is. The interesting part about this restaurant owned by the chef Daniel Humm is that it was initially known to serve dishes like the glazed duck, and chicken. A meat serving restaurant turned towards veganism is what is the most inspiring part about 11 Madison square. Daniel Humm claims that he will work towards a more sustainable environment and can provide people with the same delicious and relinquishing dishes without the usage of meat.



 Sage vegan café located in the heart of England is a family café/ restaurant which is 100% vegan and believes in a sustainable and cruelty-free way of living. Not only do the owners and the chef of Sage provide a vegan experience of eating, but they also ensure that everything they are using is sustainable and thus their compostable packing for the food items makes them stand out. This is a family-run restaurant and the delicious meals alongside their beautiful goal and agenda are something that will make you enjoy the food even more. So, the next time you plan a trip across England, make sure you enjoy the warmth and feels of the sage vegan café.




 A unique and beautiful restaurant located in exquisite Denmark, the Noma is one of a kind restaurant. It has been featured in the list of best restaurants around the world multiple times and the fact that their menu is vegan adds on to this accomplishment more. Once you visit Noma, they will provide you with a menu of recipes that will be made out of the ingredients of the season. You will always have something unique and different to eat and their natural and healthy food items make sure you never forget the extraordinary and unique taste at this elegant restaurant in Denmark.




 A café that might have gone unnoticed if you haven’t read or heard about it, the veganeats café in Lisbon is a hidden gem. With the best taste in vegan food and exquisite recipes, this cute little café will have your heart. They have a bakery and brewery with it which will provide you cakes and coffees that will be 100% vegan and the best part about this beautiful café is that the cake menu changes almost every day. So, if you are in Lisbon and want to have a sweet experience, you can visit it daily and have a new recipe to try on.