HOW TO TRANSITION TO A PLANT BASED DIET- Unfolding the crucial ways

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be very over-whelming when you're just starting out, you can stumble along the way but after you reap healthy benefits out of it, there is no looking back. There are plenty of nourishing yet delicious foods to eat which are super easy to make and can serve as best plant-based alternatives to all your exisiting favourite foods. 

Transition doesn't take overnight, it's a gradual process which starts from increased awareness to making conscious efforts. With every step taken, we come closer towards following a healthy lifestyle by adopting plant based diet. 

 In this article, we'll discuss all the points which will act as a catalyst and make your transition journey really smooth and exciting.  


It’s important to get really clear on your reason for embarking on a whole food plant-based diet. Your reason can be any out of the multiple reasons which motivates people to make the transition. Either you wanted a healthier diet full of organically grown substances to prevent or reduce the ill-effects of diseases caused by chemical induced products or you wanted to make a bigger impact by consuming products that cause no harm to animals and environment.  You should have clear and a strong understanding of your basic reason to stay fully determined throughout the transitioning phase.Educating yourself on the positive results it brings on your health, the environment and animal welfare can be a powerful motivator.


Exploring a wide variety of plant based products made of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds can help you find various plant based alternatives which can be introduced to your diet. For eg- Cow's milk can be replaced by Rice milk or Soy milk. At PlantMade we offer India's first functional plant Base egg replacer which is used by many as an effective replacement for eggs. While you're transitioning in the first month, not only do we eliminate the animal based products but we also add more and more plant based substances to our meals. 

If you’re eating soup, stir in some chickpeas and kale, if you’re making a sandwich, try adding avocado and sprouts. By adding these, you'll also be adding tons of healthy fibre and nutrients transforming it to a high protein vegan diet. 



Planning your meal once a week can a save a lot of time, money and food waste. A well devised plan for the week and a complete grocery list can make this process more organized and trouble-free. Your food prep could be as simple as pre-washing and chopping all your veggies, or as thorough as batch cooking all your meals for the week. This provides you with a lot of scope to experiment and see what works for you. Also you can discover new ways to make your recipe fun and flavourful.


Just like after you start Gyming, you see noticeable changes in your body. Similarly after shifting to a plantbased nutritious diet, you feel some positive physical and emotional changes in your body such as improved energy levels, better digestion or weight management. Keeping a track of these reinforces the benefits of your plant-based choices.  Also documenting experiences can help you identify specific challenges or obstacles you face during the transition which can be addressed more effectively.

At PlantMade, We make this process very easy for you by offering a wide variety of delicious plant-based organic products ranging from gluten free rice milk to hot chilly sauces. We also cater to your quick evening snack desire and mid-night dessert cravings with crispy fingers, smokey burgers to salted hot chocolates. 

Lastly, keep in mind that every transition takes time. So, be gentle with yourself as you find your new way to the world of gripping plant based foods.