A plant-based diet requires us to quit a lot of things and find alternatives to our diet. One of the major food groups we have to leave out besides meat is dairy products. We consume dairy in our day-to-day life, be it in our regular dishes or beverages. One of the toughest things to transition earlier was the milk but with newer and dairy-free varieties like soy milk, almond milk, etc. having come up, it has become tremendously easier for vegans to have a healthier and more stable diet. When it comes to beverages, nothing is better than Plantmade beverages due to the ease of making and the very little time involved.
We have curated a list of beverages that will be a perfect go-to for your everyday use and also when you have guests  over.
India is a country known for its delicious chai and to remove dairy out of it would have been a task. The Plantmade instant vegan masala chai will promise you a similar and warm cup of tea with all the flavors and tastes while being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Apart from having the same soothing taste which we all crave, the Plantmade instant vegan masala chai also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, ginger, spices, proteins, and calcium to satisfy your everyday chai cravings and also keep you healthy and sustainable.
Turmeric milk is known to have a lot of medicinal uses and is one of the healthiest and the tastiest things to drink. If you have kids and you want them to consume a healthy beverage every day, then the instant vegan Haldi Kesar mylk will be your go-to. The richness of turmeric milk will be felt in every sip you take while it is 100% vegan and you can enjoy a cruelty-free but conscious lifestyle. It is made from originally sourced Indian coconuts of the best kind and thus you are never compromising on taste.
Coffee is something which people drink due to acquired taste but if you want to try out something new and something which will work alike in summers as well as winters, then you should go for the instant vegan hazelnut coffee. Made from roasted hazelnut and pure coffee, the taste of this beverage is unmatchable. It is 100% vegan because it is made up of the highest quality of refined and deodorized soy protein. It contains all the necessary nutrients while you get an out-of-the-world taste.
Milk is unavoidable in our diets but if we are aiming for a dairy-free life, then coconut milk powder is our best bet. Made out of locally sourced Indian coconuts of the finest quality, the coconut milk powder ensures you get all the nutrients in one spoon of this powder. Even while following a vegan diet, you can attain the pleasures of dairy without actually consuming it. a healthy and conscious choice for you and your kids, the coconut milk powder can be drunk regularly and also used as creamer and gravies for your recipes.
Chocolate milk is everyone’s craving especially children and if you are trying to incorporate a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for them then the instant vegan chocolate mylk is the best beverage. This product has a low GI and due to the slow-burning sugar, you will feel full and energized for longer. One of the tastiest and healthiest products by Plantmade, the instant vegan chocolate mylk will be a delight to have.
All the beverages mentioned above are suitable for people following the Keto diet or if they are lactose-intolerant individuals.