When you tell someone, you are a vegan and they get confused about how you get enough nutrients for your body, then just mention the word moong. Moong beans happen to be one of the most nutritious sources of beans for a vegan or a vegetarian diet. The numerous health benefits and the delicious taste it possesses are what make it one of the most popular forms of legumes.

 A native form of beans for the Indian cultivation sector, consuming moong has been a widespread trend for a very long time. Moong is that type of pulse that contains excessive amounts of vitamins and proteins and they are a great supplement to meat in terms of gaining the right nutrients. These small, green, and sweet flavored beans are pretty easy to prepare and this is why apart from being a great dietary option, it even works well for snacks. As a vegan, you can experiment with your moong beans a lot and curate new recipes or make up the already existing ones which will be a treat to your tastebuds.

 Moong beans have a lot of benefits and some worth noting benefits of these pulses are:


 Moong has folic acid, vitamin B9, and excess folate which happens to be a good thing for women who are about to conceive a child. These nutrients will help your body to make new red blood cells which are required during pregnancy. Folate is extremely important to consume during pregnancy and before that even because the deficiency of folate can cause neural problems in the newborn child.



 Moong beans are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids which are extremely good for your heart as they lower the inflammations and the risk of inflammation and they also control the number of free radicals in your body. When the free radicals reach the cells of your body, they can cause heart problems and diseases like cancer. So consuming moong beans which are rich in phenolic acid, and other antioxidants keep you safe and healthy.



 Since a vegan diet doesn’t allow the consumption of any form of meat, the protein nutrient is kind of blocked for the people who follow veganism. To get enough protein to be healthy, they need to consume moong beans as they are rich in protein and contain about 28% proteins in general. Proteins ensure that you have enough hemoglobin in your body and your bones remain workable and healthy.



 If the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body increases, you could be subjected to serious heart diseases. Moong beans ensure that they get the LDL cholesterol levels in your body down to the healthy level mark. They protect the LDL to touch your cells and prevent them from forming free radicals. Whenever you feel like you have had enough cholesterol in your body, switch to moong beans for a nice detox session.



 A lot of people turn towards the moong beans because of the weight-reducing properties they possess. This is because moong beans are extremely rich in protein and fiber and low on fats, so when you consume them, you feel full and healthy. Moong beans will prevent you from binge eating thus keeping your weight on the scale without rising too high. Since moong doesn’t let the LDL clog the arteries, your blood pressure always remains okay and you will feel healthy because of it.


Moong beans happen to be an excellent source of nutrients for a vegan diet. You can incorporate moong in any of your dishes and can even make new and amazing dishes which will help you feel full and satisfied.