The most important meal of the day is supposed to be breakfast because you want to start your day with something fulfilling and satisfying. If you have to go out for work, you would need to have a filling and nutritious meal before leaving so that you don’t feel dizzy and hungry at work. If you are a student, you are ought to visit your college and in the middle be outside in the sun. this is why you need to have a full breakfast which keeps you satisfied until lunch and you don’t feel hungry and weak in the middle.

 Usually, people prefer to eat breakfast made out of vegetarian foodstuff and a less number of people like consuming meat in the morning. A lot of people opt for dairy but if you are a vegan, you need to have vegan breakfast alternatives which will keep you full and not hungry for a while. 

 Some of the best vegan breakfast ideas are:


A lot of people who don’t even follow veganism opt for oats as their breakfast alternative. This is because of the filling feeling oats provide and the delicious flavors it comes in. if you like to have something sweet in breakfast, you can go for the strawberry or blueberry oats. But if you want your tastebuds to feel alive, go for the masala oats. Oats are one of the greatest vegan supplements which is widely consumed and the innumerable health benefits associated with oats make it a delicious breakfast choice.


Another delicious breakfast option is pancakes. This will be something your kids and family would love. You can top up your pancake with chocolate or maple syrup, as it suits your needs. Since there are a lot of vegan alternatives to pancakes, you can choose that batter for your breakfast and have a fulfilling meal of pancakes before you begin your day. The sweet and savory flavor of this fluffy and soft dish will be a treat to your tastebuds.


One of the topmost Indian dishes which is perfect for a full breakfast is your favorite sabzi, preferably of potato, and some hot chapatis with it. this is a staple north Indian breakfast idea that is super easy to cook and is widely consumed. If you want to add a little twist to your breakfast, fill the chapatis with tasty fillings of coriander, potato, tomato, and other veggies which will make your breakfast healthier. Adding vegan curd as a side option is also great.


The widely consumed south Indian dish which isn’t limited to south India and is eaten as a breakfast option all over India is the healthy and tasty dosa and chutney. If you are someone who doesn’t want a heavy breakfast but still wants something filling, you can opt for dosa. A plain dosa or masala dosa is a great vegan choice for breakfast and the delicious coconut chutney will ensure you have the best time eating than dosa. You can get the readymade dosa batter from the market which is perfectly safe and healthy.

 5. POHA

Another common breakfast choice for Indians which is also a healthy and great vegan dish is poha. This is made out of flattened rice and a lot of spices and flavor in it. poha is a Gujarati and Maharashtrian dish that gained widespread popularity in the north because of its rich taste and the ease to make it. you can add nuts and other veggies in your poha to give it a better taste and poha would be a light but filling breakfast choice. 


Since vegan alternatives to eggs are available in the market like the vegetarian Anda and vegan egg, people can use these products to make French toast. This fluffy and delicious toast could be sprinkled with oregano to give a richer and better taste and it is extremely easy to make. French toast is widely loved by people because of the taste it carries and it is also a fast breakfast option in case you are busy in the mornings.