In a vegan diet, there are a lot of rules which veganism requires the people who follow it to abide by. One of the major ones is the consumption of everything which is dairy-free. Dairy is a big no in the vegan diet for a lot of reasons. As someone who isn’t following a vegan diet, the thought of cutting off dairy from your diet would seem scary and intimidating because of the plethora of uses milk and other products have in our day-to-day lives. Apart from the uses, they also happen to be quite nutritious, and thus cutting them out isn’t always healthy.

But what if there is a way for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy to consume the same products which is a substitute for dairy and are free of cruelty? The non-dairy creamers fall into this bracket itself. A creamer is something that is a common ingredient in a lot of recipes we wish to make and if you are a vegan, you would want a non-dairy creamer that will suit your dietary as well as cooking needs. The non-dairy creamer by Plantmade takes care of all the specifications of the people and the well-designed product guarantees you the same taste with utmost honesty.

Dairy products contain lactose and there are innumerable people in the world who are lactose intolerant. If you are someone who is allergic to lactose or is a vegan, you would love the non-dairy creamer made by Plantmade. The Plantmade non-dairy creamer is a great substitute for milk which people can add into their coffees, teas, and other food items like pasta, gravies, etc. This will give you the same creamy and cheesy texture to all your food items and as a milk substitute, it would work wonders.

The non-dairy Plantmade creamer is made up of soy and vegetable fat-based alternatives which do not contain lactose and thus have the tag for being a non-dairy and safe product. The vegetable and hydrogenated fats that are used to make the Plantmade non-dairy creamer give it the rich and milky texture, as well as the taste and this, is why replicating the dairy products becomes easier. Various kinds of oils are also involved in the making of the creamer. Sometimes milk protein or dairy-based solids are added to a creamer to replicate the milk texture and feel and that would make it a dairy product. Plantmade non-dairy creamer is free from any kind of milk proteins and is 100% vegan and natural.

The Plantmade non-dairy creamers apart from being perfect for lactose intolerant and vegan people are also good for people following the keto diet. The creamer doesn’t contain any additives like artificial colors, GMOs, or preservatives. This gluten-free creamer is produced to act as a product that is very versatile and can inculcate a lot of food items in itself. You can use it to make beverages like shakes, tea, coffee, or snacks like yogurt, desserts, etc. The delicious and rich flavors will ensure that you fall in love with this natural and organic product and not even once will you feel like you are consuming a product that doesn’t contain dairy.

Another reason why you can use a non-dairy creamer apart from advocating for a cruelty-free diet is that the creamer won’t go bad and can be stored at a pretty ambient temperature. This makes it a very low-maintenance product that anyone can include in their grocery list the next time they decide to purchase. The multifunctionality also is an addition to the creamy and finger-licking taste it offers us. The Plantmade non-dairy creamer also contains no extra fats so your body will remain healthy and your calorie count will boost with the usage of the creamer. Its ability to make you feel full and satisfied is the best thing about this creamer.

The Plantmade non-dairy creamer is one of its kind and probably the best way to switch to a non-dairy diet. This is good for the environment as well as your body and the consumption aren’t harmful in any possible way.