The first rule of veganism is to cut out meat and everything related to animals. Eggs happen to be one of the most important food items which vegans don’t consume. The protein eggs contain is something that the vegans won’t get and that could be concerning. If you are following a vegan diet, there are a lot of substitutes for eggs that they can incorporate into their diet but it is not sufficient. Thus, having an alternative that tastes just like eggs and is also a great substitute was necessary. Plantmade launched India’s first vegetarian alternative to eggs in the form of vegetarian Anda which took the market by storm.

The Plantmade vegetarian Anda is the first fully nutritious substitute to eggs in India which is entirely vegan and natural. This substitute is technically made out of moong dal and chickpeas which give it the same rich and healthy nutrients and also the taste. When you consume the Plantmade vegetarian Anda there would be no way for you to figure out you are having a product that is entirely vegan and contains no eggs-based ingredient in it. this is a wonder which was launched by Plantmade and changed the shape of veganism in India.

Vegan Anda is a great alternative not just in terms of taste but also the nutrients you will gain from them. Vegan food items are known to be rich in fiber and the vegetarian Anda promises you the right amount of protein along with fiber and healthy acids which will keep your body up and going at all times. They are extremely rich in vitamin B and will be safe and healthy to consume. The vegetarian Anda could be used in a plethora of products in the same way you use an egg and thus nothing changes when you switch to veganism.

The Plantmade vegetarian Anda is developed by the skilled food technologists from Plantmade and IIT Delhi who gave in hours of their day to come out with a product so rich in proteins, you will get one gram of extra protein than an egg in this. Apart from this, you won’t have to worry about gaining weight because the Plantmade vegetarian Anda is cholesterol free and is pretty good for your body and heart alike. It is entirely made out of natural products and no additives like sugar or preservatives are added to the vegetarian Anda, thus, it won’t harm your body in any possible way.

Since it is a vegan product, it is great for people who are cutting out dairy or animal products in their diet. But that’s not just it. since it is gluten, soy, lactose-free, it is great for people who are allergic to these substitutes and the vegan egg ensures you get no side reactions through it. The Jains, keto diet people, and the kosher products also incorporate the vegetarian Anda in their diet.

There are a million substitutes for an egg when you are trying out a new recipe but why would you want to spend extra time and ingredients in recreating the same egg texture and taste in your dish? The Plantmade vegetarian egg is easy to use and will help you make exactly everything a person can make with an egg. Ranging from products like cakes and desserts which require eggs, you can also make omelets, scrambled eggs, and frittatas with it. the taste and the texture of the Plantmade vegetarian egg are exactly like your normal egg and super delicious and healthy.

The egg scrambles you make with it can be used in sandwiches or wraps. You can also opt for eggs in your rice with the vegan alternative which Plantmade has produced for you. there are a lot of recipes which are suitable for the vegetarian Anda and this is a healthy way of life. This cholesterol-free, organic product isn’t just good for your environment but for your self. You can practice a diet as tasty and healthy as your normal diet and is also cruelty-free.