Shifting to a vegan diet is never an easy task because it asks you to give up on a lot of basic things like dairy. This might seem intimidating and scary initially because we all know how important dairy is, especially milk. But with the developing technology and mindset of the people, even vegans have started consuming milk in non-dairy forms. Non-dairy milk comes in a plethora of choices and flavors which you can choose based on what appeals to you the most. These non-dairy milk choices are great alternatives for people who are lactose intolerant as well.


There are a lot of non-dairy substitutes for milk that people consume for various reasons. It could be either because they are lactose intolerant and are allergic to dairy, or they are just concerned about the environment. Some people skip on dairy products like milk for ethical reasons as well and this is why the development in the field of dairy products is something revolutionary and has helped out a lot of people. There are different types of non-dairy milk available and some of them are:



 One of the most famous types of non-dairy milk available in the market for vegans is soy milk. An extremely healthy and affordable alternative that will keep your body full of nutrients and also make feel full. The taste of the soy milk is extremely delicious and you won’t even feel that soy is being added to it. it contains about 80-100 calories and is calorie efficient. The creamy and rich texture of soy milk makes it a very popular and lovable milk alternative. Soy milk has a lot of amino acids and unsaturated fats which makes it a great source of protein and an extremely healthy vegan choice.



 As the name suggests, almond milk happens to be a healthy choice of non-dairy milk which is great for consumption and rich in nutrients. It is made up of a lot of ground almonds and water which makes it extremely natural and 100% vegan. It does happen to have the flavor of nuts in it which is a great thing as the nutty flavor does not diminish the beautiful texture of the almond milk. It also contains proteins, fibers, fats, and carbohydrates and is thus a full-packed nutrient-boosting substitute. Almond milk is consumed by a lot of non-vegans as well because of the health benefits and because it is 2% thinner than your normal cow milk.



 A tasty and extremely healthy option for non-dairy milk is coconut milk which is made up of water and coconut. Coconut milk tends to have a naturally sweet taste because of the dilution of coconut within it and this is why it is an enjoyable form of non-dairy option for a lot of young people and kids who are on a vegan diet. It has negligible cholesterol and thus keeps the HDL levels in your body high and your heart remains healthy. Coconut milk can be used for making curries, ice-creams, and a lot of other food items. The amazing texture and taste make it a great alternative.



 Macadamia milk has emerged to be a tough competitor amongst other groups of non-dairy milk and has won over the hearts of baristas and beverage makers. A great substitute to add in your regular coffee, tea, or shakes and smoothies, macadamia milk happens to be the best alternative. Rich in fats and low on carbs, it is perfect for low-carb vegans who are looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake. Macadamia milk contains sunflower lecithin which ensures that your milk doesn’t end up getting clamped and ruined. It has healthy fats and thus will keep you full.



 Another non-dairy alternative which is one of the healthiest and vegan’s favorite is the non-dairy oat milk. This milk contains a lot of calories, which ranges to 130 calories, and is also high in carbohydrates. This makes it a filling and amazing choice for baristas for lattes and other beverages. Oats happen to have a naturally sweet taste which makes sure you can consume the milk directly. Oat milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D and the chicory which it contains makes sure we are always full of fiber.