Starting on the path of veganism isn’t an easy experience because a lot of confusion goes around about which products are ethically okay to eat and which aren’t. certain food items in the market would look harmless and as someone who has just begun with veganism, you might not think twice before eating it and knowing about the ingredients involved.

If you are a vegan, then you need to be clear about what you are consuming and how it is going to affect you and the environment if you end up eating the wrong products.

A vegan diet is a type of strict vegetarianism in which you don’t consume any animal-based products. This includes any kind of dairy products and meat, but this isn’t it. there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind before you start eating vegan and healthy.


Anything which is made out of plant products and doesn’t use any kind of animal products and doesn’t harm them is a vegan product. This includes everything healthy but isn’t limited to just that. You can also consume vegan junk food within it.



The topmost and highly consumed product both by vegans and other people is the fruits. This is full of water which will keep you hydrated and the nutrients and the antioxidants in the fruit will keep you healthy. As a vegan, you can consume any type of fruit you like. 



Another healthy and vegan alternative is vegetables. A versatile food group, veggies happen to be the heart of any recipe. You can cook almost everything using the available veggies you have at home. They are full of nutrients and extremely delicious if they are fresh.



Grains is a food product that vegans swear by because of the high fibre and protein content in them. this is your protein alternative to meat and grains like wheat, oats, quinoa are great breakfast options.



When you eat scientifically curated meat products made for vegans, legumes are used in it. it is your healthy and great source of protein and legumes happen to be one of the tastiest food items for vegans.


  1. NUTS

You might be wondering where you will get the fats from. well, munching on these amazing and tasty nuts is your source of fats. Nuts are one of the most widely consumed food items for vegans which will make you full and satisfied.


Apart from this, vegans can consume seeds, bread, pasta, and a lot of other things which doesn’t have a trace of animal product in them. in recent times, a lot of non-vegetarians and animal-based food products are being curated into plant-based products and you can enjoy the taste of meat without actually harming any animal. This makes vegan a versatile and healthy form of diet.



  1. MEAT

Any form of meat ranging from chicken to beef, or anything straight out of the poultry farm is something the vegans can’t eat. They don’t need to worry about having a good source of proteins because the grains and nuts are there to help them out.


  1. DAIRY

Dairy products like cheese, whipped cream, milk, sour milk, and anything made out of harming animals and treating them cruelly is something vegans don’t consume. Thus, dairy is a strict no but the dairy alternatives help the vegans out.


  1. EGGS

Again, a type of animal product that vegans can’t consume is eggs. Certain egg alternatives are coming on the market recently made out of chana or legumes.



A type of meat itself is seafood. The vegans can’t consume fish like tuna, salmon, etc., and neither can they opt for shrimp and other varieties of seafood.


As a vegan, you should always check out the ingredients of the items you are about to consume so that you don’t end up eating an animal product. Usually, the vegan products have the vegan logo on them so you can always be safe about what you are consuming.