The word condiment might be something new to people who aren’t in culinary arts so before we proceed further in the article it is important to know what it is. Condiments are small substances that are used to add flavor to our delicacies once they are prepared. It could be a pinch of salt, or some sauces, or anything which will enhance and give us the best possible, and finger-licking taste. There are a lot of condiments in the food world some of them being mustard, pickle, etc. The best part about these condiments is that they can be consumed with the food item or otherwise alike.




The usage of condiments in our food isn’t a new practice. Salt was the first condiment to be discovered and has been in use since ancient times. Salt and vinegar have been popular condiment choices in ancient French history and we can feel its influence even now. After these, the Romans came in and made various kinds of sauces which are we experimenting with now. The first sauce to be ever used by Romans was the fish sauce also known as liquaman. They are also known to be the founders of mint and mustard sauce which is widely used now.

One of the very popular and essential condiments to be discovered is the chutney which was originated in India. Back in the 17th century, it was exported to Europe and other parts of the world and gained enough traction and recognition. Nowadays, the use of chutney in our day-to-day snacks is something inevitable and people love it when they develop the taste of it. Ketchup was invented by the Chinese and was then exported to other parts of the world.




Chili sauce or hot sauce has a very long and diverse history to say. The chili peppers have been cultivated by the ancient people and the trails go back to as long as 7000 BC. It is known to be one of the first and the most vital cultivation to occur which led to the widespread use of this condiment. The first-ever hot sauce to be made was tracked down to the Mayan times where chili peppers and water was mixed. When we talk about the first-ever hot sauce to be manufactured, it was known to be found in Massachusetts in the 1800s in America. Back then it was popularly known as cayenne sauce and siracha sauce and tabasco sauce also started gaining momentum. People started developing a taste for the burning sensation and the flavorful texture hot sauce has and this started spreading in the other regions of the world. Every culture and country developed hot sauce their way keeping the spicy flavor alive and by the 19th century it was getting manufactured in bulk and exported worldwide. Thus, the hot sauce we consume now is influenced by a lot of factors and we get the best of our world.




Since chili sauce and pastes are condiments, they are prepared from their core ingredient entirely. There are some sweet hot sauces and some extremely spicy, it all depends on the type of hot sauce being consumed. The chili peppers remain a common ingredient and sugar is further added to give it a sweet and spicy taste. Red tomato is also added in a lot of cases to give it a richer texture.