Veganism is a trending topic these days which is why a lot of misinformation regarding the same keeps going around. You might have heard some bizarre facts about going vegan which would have derailed your thought process. Most of the things which appear shocking in a vegan diet are myths and they need to be addressed. If you are someone who wants to turn vegan or try the vegan diet, you must know what you are getting into and learn the most about it. the myths are usually surrounded by what to eat and what not to, and you should remember that being vegan doesn’t mean you let go of all the taste in your life. 

Here are some of the very popular and unusual vegan myths being busted:


  1. Vegetarians and vegans are the same.

One of the very popular notions is that a vegetarian diet is the same as a vegan diet. Well, it’s time to break this bubble. A vegan diet is a diet that comprises people not consuming any animal-based product and that includes meat as well as dairy. On the other hand, vegetarians just don’t consume meat but they do indulge in dairy products. 


  1. Honey is vegan.

There has been a lot of discussion over this, but to clear things out, honey isn’t vegan. When the bees excrete honey and people commercialize it, the risk of reducing the honeybee population is always there. This isn’t exactly sustainable and thus honey is not considered a vegan choice. Though veganism doesn’t exactly demand you to follow rules, you can always cut yourself some slack and consume certain things and tread slowly.


  1. Veganism is an eating disorder.

This is a myth that might be insensitive to some people and thus need to be busted. A lot of people believe veganism is a mental health issue when it is not. The vegan diet is just a way of living where people consume food product which isn’t animal-based and is cruelty-free of all sorts. Eating disorders usually include anorexia and orthorexia which need to be treated through a professional and are in no way synonymous with veganism.


  1. Veganism is hard.

Well, this depends on one’s thinking. Veganism might have been a tough choice in earlier days because of the lack of alternatives, but now there are alternatives to everything which makes practicing a vegan diet a lot easier. Apart from that, veganism has proved to be an easy choice and a cheap one too in recent times. If you want to eat gluten-free, the vegan diet is your savior.


  1. A vegan diet makes you weak and you don’t get enough nutrients.

The vegan diet is one of the most fulling and nutritionally efficient diets of all time. This is because you will be mainly focused on eating vegetables and fruits which makes them rich in proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. Meat alternatives like vegan egg and meat are made of moong dal and other products which are rich in proteins and give you more nutrients than regular eggs and meat.