As they say, a happy tummy evolves into a happy life. But this doesn’t necessarily always talk about eating food that makes you happy. This also correlates to a healthy gut and a working and efficient immune system. Your body contains about 40 trillion bacteria and the extremely vital ones are known as the microbiome found in your gut. They are required to keep you healthy and keep your digestive track well. When we talk about gut health, we are referring to the bacteria which is present in our digestive track and how we can keep them balanced to keep our body healthy and incredibly fit. Some of how we can improve our gut health are:


A very well-known fact is that vegetables and fruits contain lots of nutrients which help you develop your overall body and simulate healthy bacteria which helps in its digestion. Since vegetables, beans, fruits, and other legumes contain large amounts of fibre, they are generally known as prebiotic fibre which helps the microbiomes in your body to multiply and thus improve gut health significantly. You can indulge in bananas, raspberries, whole grains, etc. These food items are 100% vegetarian and thus if you are someone who is following a vegan diet, this will be highly helpful in keeping you full.



Fermented food is preferred because they have natural probiotics which work well for the microbiomes in your gut and help them to develop. Fermentation means the breakdown of existing sugar in these food items which is done by bacteria and yeast and thus serves the purpose overall. Some of the food items which come under the bracket of fermented food are yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, etc. These food items serve to be great snacking items and have a lot of health benefits apart from this.



Consuming a lot of sweeteners and sweets is never good. It doesn’t help your gut or your dental hygiene. They can cause gut dysbiosis which can lead to an imbalance in the microbiomes in your body and thus affect your gut health significantly. The sweeteners and artificial sugars contain large amounts of aspartame which can lead to an increase of bacterial strain and that will affect your gut and cause certain metabolic diseases. Thus, cutting out on sweets and sugar would prove to be beneficial for a healthy gut.



Exercising is something which everyone should inculcate in their day-to-day life irrespective of the cause. Exercising reduces stress, helps in weight loss, keeps your heart pumping and healthy, and in turn helps your gut to remain healthy. Since exercising targets your belly fat and in turn, reduces obesity, you keep your gut health in check always and feel fit and fine. Exercising is always good not just for your physical health but also mental.



A lot of people fear experimenting with their diet but what they should keep in mind is that your gut health gets significantly better when you change your diet for good. Shifting towards a plant-based and vegan diet will ensure that you are getting plenty of nutrients and consuming fresh and juicy veggies and fruits which in turn helps accelerate your heart and keep your mind and body healthy.