One of the biggest topics for discussion amongst vegans has been the sufficient intake of proteins. This is actually a myth considering the plant-based diet is rich in proteins and you can always consume alternatives to meat and get the required nutrients in large quantities. The only catch is to create meals that fulfil your need to have a balanced diet and also get you all the nutrients in one go. Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day and everyone likes to end their day on a good note. Thus, having a tasty dinner while following the vegan rules is something everyone wants and with these high-protein vegan dinner ideas, you can get it easily.


Tofu is one of the best alternatives to meat and the rich number of proteins it contains make it one of the best ideas for dinner. The teriyaki tofu stir fry is an easy and extremely delicious recipe with extravagant flavours and exotic sauces blended thoroughly. The gravy is thin but filling and with a dash of veggies in it, you can have all the nutrients in one place. You can have this with chapatis or quinoa or rice, whichever is the best option for you and this is also a great recipe for meal planning.



Red beans are one of the tastiest dinner options ever. This is because you can keep experimenting with it using different spices and sauces and still get a recipe that is going to be worth it. The extent of protein beans contain is humongous which makes the recipe of red beans and rice a staple and something you can consume day and night. Another dinner recipe that is perfect for meal planning and eating over the week, this vegan dinner idea is perfect for you and your family.



If you love barbecue sauces and you are unsure of how you can have a BBQ at your home when you are following a vegan lifestyle, then the spicy barbecue lentil loaf is one of the best dinner ideas for you. this oat-free loaf with spicy and tangy barbecue sauce is going to blend in your mouth giving the richest flavour and the exotic BBQ taste while having the best of the vegan world. This is one of the best dinner party recipe ideas which is going to make you shine amongst your friends.



If you have got kids who don’t want to eat green veggies but would jump straight to have pasta or noodles, then this broccoli and peanut noodles are going to be your saviour. With the healthiness of broccoli and peanuts in it with the finger-licking taste of noodles within, this is going to be the best dinner idea for a family who is moody and wants to have something tasty.



There is a variety of mock meat available online and in a lot of stores. Go get some for your dinner tonight and have a juicy and delicious vegan burger. You can top it with a lot of sauces and veggies and vegan cheese and mayo can give you the creamy and delicious taste. Mock meat like the Plantmade Peshawari Seekh kebab and creamer like Plantmade creamer is one of the best and you can try those out.