A well-stocked pantry in your kitchen ensures that you are always having a meal that is nutritionally fulfilling for you and also calorie efficient. If you are someone who has just converted to a plant-based diet and are still figuring out what you can eat and what you cannot, then this list of vegan grocery staples will be your guide for the next time you go to the grocery store. Having a stocked kitchen will also ensure that you get to experiment a lot with your vegan food items and curate new dishes and recipes using the ingredients at par. Apart from this, you will never end up wasting anything and it will be highly environmentally friendly and budget-friendly for you.

Some of the vegan staples which are essential are:


Milk is nutritious and essential for the right protein intake of your body. Turning vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this dairy product thus having milk substitutes like almond milk, soy milk, and other forms of animal-friendly milk will help you a lot in your daily cooking. You can have a warm cup of tea every morning using it or a coffee if you are working late at night. Milk is also used in a lot of recipes to give the creamy texture; thus you can opt for the Plantmade dairy creamer which is a vegan and animal-friendly alternative to milk. This will serve both purposes.


 2. OATS

There is nothing to think about this. Oats have to be the most staple breakfast for vegans and non-vegan alike. With incredible nutrients packed up in it and with the versatile taste and flavors it comes in, oats have to be one of the most preferred vegan staples of all time. They are easy to make and if you have a busy schedule and tend to miss out on your breakfast from time to time, then purchasing a pack or two will be a life savior. You can experiment with it as well like with oat bars, granola rolls, etc.



A solid and extremely budget-friendly vegan option is beans. Beans can be made into anything using the right spices and sauces and you can have a delicious and filling meal with it. they are extremely nutritious when it comes to their health benefits and a vegan’s best friend. You can include beans in your salads, or your burgers, or kinds of pasta, and a lot more. Lentils and chickpeas are the most preferred beans you can go for. You can also choose canned beans and purchase a few of them to last a week or so.



You can never go wrong with a lot of fruits. Fruits are rich in vitamins and are extremely juicy which will ensure that you have glowing and smooth skin. They can be used for smoothies, food salads, or just binge eat when you feel hungry and don’t want to consume anything junk. Vegetables especially the green leafy ones like kale will be a great vegan staple because of the proteins and fiber it contains. You will include these veggies in everything you cook thus they have to be on your grocery list.



You can’t just have the basics and expect to enjoy every meal you cook. Go for tofu as your vegan staple because it is the main thing for a vegan kitchen and you will get a lot of recipes using it. tofu could be used when you are having parties or you want to have a nice dinner without just the plain vegetables and beans. Tofu is protein-packed and extremely delicious which will ensure that you enjoy every bite you take.