Plantmade is known for its first ever vegan Anda which is a vegan alternative to eggs. It gained massive momentum when it was launched and is still one of the best products of Plantmade. To escalate things and take them to a new level, Plantmade recently came out with their brand-new Vegetarian Egg Powder which is India’s first nutritionally superior plant-based alternative to eggs. Just like the vegan Anda, the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is easy to use with exceptional nutritional properties and amazing results when cooked.

The conventional egg which are consumed by the people is high in fats which could sometimes be unhealthy for your body. The Plantmade vegetarian egg powder ensures that with each scoop of the powder, you get all the required proteins and have a cholesterol-free, low fat egg alternative to your side. This is perfect to add a new blend and taste to your everyday vegan and vegetarian recipes and using the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder, you can make your delicacies a lot more interesting and fun. Its always good to look forward to your dinner or lunch or breakfast and the vegetarian egg powder serves its purpose in all three.


Just like the vegetarian anda, the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is handy and easy to use. The 200-gram bottle contains enough powder for you to make delicious recipes. All you have to do is take a scoop of the powder and then mix it with oil. This is to ensure that your powder doesn’t remain dry. Blend the powder well with water, oil, and then just cook in whatever way you want.

If you take a scoop of 15 grams of the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder, you would be required to add about 80 ml of water and 10 ml of oil to give it the right texture and feel. The Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is a full and satisfying experience because every 65 grams per unit of the powder will result in 10 eggs by weight and that is how much nutritional content you will be attaining in your diet. A perfect way to kickstart your day and have all the necessary proteins and vitamins, the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is perfect for your vegan diet.

You can use the powder to make scrambled eggs, bhurji, egg wraps, omelet, sandwiches, burgers, etc. This will be a new addition to your everyday meals and your friends and family would love it. Apart from being extremely easy to use, the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder also has self-stable qualities and thus only 30 seconds of mixing and blending is needed. You can store the powder up to 9 months.


There are a lot of reasons why Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is your perfect choice. This is because of the versatile properties it possesses. Being 100% cruelty-free, allergen-free, and cholesterol-free, it is way healthier than real eggs and provides a whole lot of proteins. Made out of chickpeas and moong dal proteins, the health factor is always soaring high with this powder. Eggs are rich in vitamins, fats, proteins, and a lot of indispensable properties and thus if you are vegan, or intolerant to eggs, the Plantmade vegetarian egg powder is your best bet. It also contains no preservatives and sugars.

So, this is the perfect time for you to shift to a more sustainable and cruelty free way of living.


There are a lot of video recipes which Plantmade have created for you to refer and use the product. Some of the links are mentioned below.