Plantmade has recently launched its Peshawari Seekh kebab which is one of the best products in their exquisite lineup of vegan and quality products. An alternative to the traditional sliced lamb Seekh kebab, the Plantmade Peshwari Seekh kebab is 100% vegan and natural. You will get the same taste and texture without the consumption of meat in any form and this will ensure that not only are you have an ethical and sustainable diet but you are also genuinely enjoying the food you eat.


The Plantmade Peshawari Seekh Kebab is the first-ever plant-based and organic nutritionally sourced lamb kebab which is vegan and ensures that you get all the required proteins in your diet. The Plantmade Peshawari Seekh kebab has proteins in abundance and apart from that, you will get a diet free of cholesterol and very few fat amounts in it. this is the only thing in which the Plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab is different from the regular Seekh kebab and this makes it utterly healthy and delicious. The number of recipes that you can try out using Plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab will blow your mind and give you and your family a dinner which they will look forward to.


Some recipes which you can try out using Plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab are:



Mughlai paratha which is exceptionally famous to be one of the tastiest forms of rolls because of the minced kebab in it is something you can recreate using Plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab. Making the filling of the paratha using the kebab and various sauces will give you the same tangy and delicious taste. if you want to go for a traditional Mughlai paratha, you can use the Plantmade Anda to recreate the egg paratha used in the Mughlai rolls.



The comfort food for every non-vegetarian and meat lover, biryani is something that a lot of vegans thought they will miss out on when they get into veganism. But, not anymore. You can recreate the finger-licking Seekh kebab biryani recipe using the plantmade Peshawari Seekh kebab. A very easy and quick recipe, the biryani will be a perfect lunch or dinner for your family and the Seekh kebab with freshly cut vegetables will just add on to the sizzling taste.



A delicious curry can never go wrong and when you have got the amazing Plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab, this is a recipe you should try on. you can make the gravy creamier and appealing using the Plantmade Non-dairy creamer and then add on the Seekh kebab to have the final dish. This will be a 100% vegan dish made out of organic and naturally sourced products but the taste will say otherwise and will be a delight to have.



Samosa is everyone’s favorite evening snack and keema samosa is a one-of-a-kind dish. The excellent taste and the crispy samosa just add to the heavenly food you are having. All you have to do is mix the Peshawari Seekh kebab with the filling and then proceed to make the samosas the same way you make your regular samosa. This will be a snacking item that is going to be new and super different for your family and friends.



Chicken puffs are one of the easiest things to make especially when you have children and you want to make a snack that they will relish. using the plantmade’s Peshawari Seekh kebab will let you make the same chicken puffs which are going to be 100% vegan and organic. The taste will be rich and delicious despite it being a plant-based product.