A lot of people in recent times have been shifting to the vegan or vegetarian diet. It has mostly happened because they want a more ethical and cruelty-free way of living and that is possible only when the consumption of meat and dairy products is reduced significantly. The vegan diet tries to incorporate alternatives to your everyday dairy products so that you don’t lack any necessary nutrients and you also get to use the richness and properties of the dairy alternative. Something similar has appeared in the market in the form of mock meat which replicates your real meat but is a natural and more organic choice.

Mock meat or vegetarian meat is a vegan alternative to your normal, authentic meat fabricated using plant products and other substitutes to replicate the same taste, texture, and flavor of your traditional meat. This could be in any form and is a great substitute for someone who has just turned into a vegetarian or vegan diet to make the transition more graceful and smooth. The mock meat is 100% vegan and is an ethical and cruelty-free way of going about in your diet.

Mock meat is entirely made out of vegan and plant-based products. The most used ingredients to form mock meat and meat analog is soy, plant-based proteins, pea proteins, moong beans, chickpeas, and other alternatives which would give us the same consistency and taste as the regular meat. This ensures that the protein content in our mock meat of 100 gm is around 17 gm which makes it pretty healthy and a good dietary choice. Sometimes gluten proteins and jackfruit are also used to replicate the meat and all these ingredients when used together give us the perfect version of mock meat which the vegans and vegetarians consume.

Since it is made entirely of plant products, the nutritious value of the mock meat increases significantly. It is high in proteins and fiber and extremely low in fat which makes it a great choice to consume. It is also a new addition to your everyday diet and thus you can have variety when you eat it. mock meat is available in a lot of forms. Plantmade has introduced its Peshawari Seekh kebab which was traditionally made out of lamb meat. This is a healthy and organic alternative and the amount of nutrition value you get out of it is just cherry on top.

With the ongoing pandemic and people becoming more aware of their surroundings and the animal cruelty subjected when they consume meat, the popularity of mock meat has increased tremendously in India. More and more celebrities are also opting for a vegan diet to ensure that they influence their fan base to follow a more sustainable and healthier way of living. Plant-based meat is a good choice and highly affordable. This won’t just ensure that you are sympathetic to the environment but will also make sure you have fun while consuming it and the taste remains top-notch always.