Are you one of those who wants to eat sweets after dinner but prefers homemade sweets? Then this recipe is perfect for you. This salted dark chocolate mousse recipe is completely plant based, light air, creamier and easiest to make. 


Mousse is a sweet aerated dessert. These desserts are light, rich, and soft in texture. Mousse is usually made with egg yolk, and whipped cream. 

There are different ways to make the mousse:

Classic French method:

In this method, the first custard-like base is made with help of egg yolk, sugar and vanilla. Cooke the mixture on the steam. Once the mixture is cooked and cooled down, then add the whipped cream.

Cold set mousse method:

In this method, just mix the fruit pieces with the whipped cream and set the mixture with help of gelatin.


There are different types of mousse available based on the flavor:

Mango mousse:

Mango mousse is a good option to have in a dessert. It is enriched with the goodness of mango and taste.

Lemon mousse:

This mousse is made with the help of fresh lemon juice. Lemon juice gives your mousse a tangy flavour and at the same time, it keeps you fresh.

Pumpkin mousse:

This light fluffy mousse is the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Pumpkin elevates the flavor of mousse and makes it more fluffy and smooth.

Raspberry mousse:

This mousse is a great combination of raspberry flavor and smooth texture. 

In this recipe,  We will use tofu, to make this mousse lighter and delicious. It acts as a good base for mousse and blends very well with chocolate. Tofu makes it more nutritious and tastier. Another ingredient we will use is PlantMade creamer which makes it creamier and completely plant based.


Tofu is one of the best options for people who follow a plant-based diet, as it is rich in protein. Tofu is the product of soy. It is made by condensing soy milk. Apart from protein, tofu also has a good amount of calcium and iron. Tofu originated from China. In China, there are 3000 different types of tofu. There are different types of tofu available in the market like silken tofu, firm tofu, fermented tofu, etc. 

This cube shaped tofu is versatile in nature; you can make a variety of dishes with it like chilli tofu, tofu palak, tofu masala, etc.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is the one thing that you can have without any guilt. Dark chocolate is usually made up of cocoa beans without any added milk solids or sugars. 

These chocolates are rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, fiber, etc. Due to its nutritional content, it is sometimes considered as a healthy snack option. 

PlantMade Non-Dairy Creamer:

This creamer is completely plant based and vegan. It is a wonderful addition to dessert recipes, imparting a rich and decadent flavor.

It is a great alternative for lactose intolerant individuals. 



  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Tofu
  3. PlantMade Non- dairy Creamer
  4. Salt


  • Cut the dark chocolate into pieces and microwave for 30 secs and give it a mix 

*do this step at least 2-3 times  

  •  If you feel the chocolate is still not in the flowing consistency add 1 tablespoon PlantMade Non-Dairy Creamer  
  • Add tofu to the mixer and blend it properly
  •  Now, mix dark chocolate and tofu together in a blender 
  • Lastly add a pinch of salt for the taste and leave it in the refrigerator to chill for a min