Anda burji for breakfast, hits different. But does going plant based stop you from enjoying a good Anda burji? Not anymore! This Anda burji recipe uses PlantMade's Vegetarian Anda and you can easily enjoy a guilt free, healthier alternative to Anda Burji.

• PlantMade veg Anda- 1⁄2 cup
• Onion, finely chopped- 2 tbsp
• Tomatoes finely chopped- 2 tbsp
• Green chilis, finely chopped-optional
• Oil

• In a pan, add the oil. To the hot oil, add the onions, green chili and tomatoes and
sauté for a few minutes.
• Then, add the vegan anda and let the bottom layer begin to cook.
• Slightly scramble the egg again and continue until the eggs solidify.
• Serve with toasted bread.